NDX2 Screen freeze

A while ago I think GrahaemeH posted about the screen freezing on his NDX2. Just realised that mine is now doing this - in play mode it’s gets stuck on an album I played a few weeks ago, Black & Blue by the Rolling Stones as it happens.

Not a huge issue because it otherwise works flawlessly, and it is possible to get back to the home screen using the remote in case I need to change any settings, but just wondering if anyone has any info about the issue.


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Are you on the latest firmware Paul, check to see if their are any updates in the settings list on the App. If you are up to date please let Naim know…they want to know there are still problems with the latest firmware.

I updated the software with the new release a few weeks back but still the problem returned. See the last few posts on the attache link and you’ll see a further software release is imminent.

FWIW I’ve done a further ‘full reset’ and had no problems thus far.


If you have the latest firmware…have you unplugged and connected …worth doing.

Just to be clear. After installing the new software I was advised by naim that a ‘full reset’ ie resetting your NDX2 up as a ‘new product’ is required (in some instances) for the software update to take effect. The screen freeze issue is supposedly then fixed.

However…some may still have the problem occurring so this will be fixed in a further imminent software release.


Thanks guys, have done a restart of NDX2 and it seems fine for now, although I haven’t reset it up as a new product yet.


Thanks.where we notified about this by Naim?did I miss it?

No notification to my knowledge. I don’t use the screen much so it’s more of an irritation than anything else. Just looks a bit shabby on £5k worth of kit…

From naim support via email:

Also have you tried a full reset on the unit since the update? Sometimes the unit needs a full reset for the new software to work.

To do this you need to put the unit into standby. Pull out the power cable. Then press and hold the Play and input select buttons on the front of the unit. Keeping them pressed in, now plug the prow cable back in. After a short time you will see the coloured start upscreen, the you will see a progress bar apear at the bottom of the screen. You can now release the two buttons.

After a short time you will be able to go through the set up wizard, the same way when the unit was new.

I posted something from Naim about this last week.

For anybody experiencing this even after updating to latest firmware, please contact Naim support giving as much detail as possible.

Thanks GraemeH
I’ll give the reset a go tomorrow. Just one question - my ndsx2 is powered by an XPS, presumably it will be ok to power it down by turning off the XPS ? I would need to be an octopus in order to hold down the the two buttons on the front panel at the same time as reconnecting the Burndy cable !

Cheers, Paul

I had the same concern - Simply turn off the XPS.


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