NEET-1008 Neotech Ethernet RJ45 Cable

Having just got this cable to try, i thought it would be a good idea to have a separate thread all about it, rather than have a small bit all over the forun.
So please add your own comments about this cable.

So i am going to use this cable between my melco and phoenixnet.
I will continue to use my audioquest diamond between my vivaldi and phoenixnet.
I may swap the cables over if i feel the neotech will bring me more, but it’s far too early for that. Plus i will add some ferrite rings at some point in the future.

Right it’s in.
First impressions are, it’s nicer than what i was using, i was using the innuos cable that came with the phoenixnet. I preferred this over the catsnake.
It has a big bottom end out the box, certainly.
I wouldn’t say at this moment it’s a killer cable, but it’s very early days, plus my system has been off for a month, and i only turned it back on this morning. But in standby only.

I was going to try it, then remove it, and then burn it in on something else.
But it’s sounding better than the innuos cable, so going to leave in, unless it goes horrible.
I have left the melco playing a 18 hour play list, so hopefully this will speed up burn in.

One thing i must say is that, this cable is very stiff. It’s horrible really.
To try and dress it is a nightmare, i guess once you do, it will stay put.
But if you put this into say a light weight switch, it will move the switch definitely.

I won’t go into more details on SQ right now, other than what i have said about its bottom end.
Cheers dunc

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Ah you got it up and running you too. It will be most interesting to hear how it’ll work out for you. The burn in is quite long and it sure doesn’t sound it’s best all the time. Far from it actually. I’ve heard a theory claiming it might be due to the teflon insulation which seems to be a dielectric demanding a long burn in period.

Hm… just read up on the dielectric. It seems the neet-1008 has HDPE which actually isn’t DuPonts PTFE or more widely known as Teflon. So I need to go back to my source about burn in time and see what the differences are between these two dielectrics. However he claims the burn in to an absolute stable cable is 1000h. It’s important to note that this person is a very thorough tester.

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I believe many hours are related to mechanical stress when you fiddle with cables. A stressed cable sound stressed. A cable manufacturer I’ve had this discussion with claims mechanical stress is absolutely valid. And we know the recommendations from Naim related to this on Burndy and such.

That’s why I normally try to avoid fast decisions.

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I can vouch for the Neotech being stressed, it’s almost impossible to make it turn a corner it’s that stiff. A definite case of cable rigour mortis for sure!

So, I’m about a week in with burn-in bar the odd flirt with Sigma for a couple of hours to get a reference. The sound has definitely smoothed out. The first day was tough and almost unlistenable but I do think it has now plateaued to a level where I can get a reasonable idea of the character it has. Firstly, it’s at the opposite end of the presentational spectrum compared to Sigma. For me the Neotech is music on steroids. As I’ve said previously it’s a very impressive sound (in short bursts) but I am finding it quite hard work to have an unbroken evening session with it.

I’m actually finding it quite coloured. By this I mean that it seems to impart its own tone or colour to every track making tracks sound a tad similar. I’m pretty sure it’s the bass that’s causing this. For me it’s a bit too energetic. I have found that DBL’s are extremely critical of bass quality and if it’s not right they let you know! I’m still finding the high frequencies a touch edgy, which isn’t really helping matters either.

I will continue with the burn-in process but it has no way changed my perception, admiration or love for what Sigma does with music.


It hasn’t plateaued after ju just around 140-150h. At least not in my experience. Don’t judge it just yet.

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I have had my melco playing almost fully since last night into my dac, hopefully burning this cable in.
Haven’t had the amp on, but no need to hear it to burn it in.

I have decided to just leave it in, as like i said the cable isn’t very friendly to move about behind the rack.

Might get time to have a listen later, but going out tonight.

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The „steroids sound“ does not appear to be so bad. :blush:
This is what vodka gave me - and I liked it a lot… till … you know who came.
Too bad that it is so stiff - in my tight space it is therefore un-dressable

I think that in quick a/b, which I do a lot, the more edgy cable (edgy in a good way) really impresses. I loved these edges the last 9 months so much. And with less (deadly) revealing systems this will give the punch which is addictive.
But with sigma (sorry wrong thread) a different door opens - in quick a/b it might loose, but let it in for 1h and … heaven invites you. :innocent:
And this is coming from an „in the face sound“ lover!

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Same here :grimacing:

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Yeh, I completely get it. I remember you said that the Diamond was ‘turbo charged’ and the Neotech is in a similar vein. Maybe it’s the silver? For me I find it all a bit relentless. I hear the odd sound that I think wow that was nice but with Sigma I marvel almost continuously about how good the sound is.

In fact I’m going to put my money where my mouth is and pay my mate for the Sigma as I know I can’t be without it!


Lucky you that you get it for a s/h price - mine was full price and brand new, but worth every penny.
By the way - opened an new thread as I think sigma deserves :blush:

Ah you two :point_down:




It’s strange how we all hear things differently. I would say the Neet is correct and neutral, sometimes borderline boring (but never boring) in that respect but also very transparent meaning it gets out of the way letting me hear small nuances and shifts in the music. The portrayal is very homogeneous and music is a whole as opposed to different frequencies being highlighted.

It might be a case of burn in but it might also be a case of preference.

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I think if I’d not heard Sigma I’d be completely agreeing with you. For the money the Neotech is a remarkable lead and a big step up from the Catsnake I was using, so it’s boxing well above its weight for relatively little cost.

Unfortunately, Sigma on my system is simply on another level of musical communication, but then so it should be for the money! I’ve not tried Chord music but I’m imagining Sigma is showing similar qualities. That is judging by some of the reviews I’ve read about Chord Music.

Sigma is the first ethernet cable that, for me, seems to get rid of the dreaded (digital) high frequency hash or harshness that exists, especially when you play at high or realistic volumes. I’m not exaggerating when I say it imparts a true analogue sound quality to digital music and the closest I’ve come to replicating/bettering my turntable. You know the sound is right within the first ten minutes of plugging it in. No prolonged burn-in, it just gets a tad sweeter and more real the longer you leave it.

I can also imagine a situation where a guy is using Omega on a high-end laid-back system and someone comes along with the Neotech and sticks it in. It may be just the tonic the system needs and within minutes a myth is born!

I’m about to relegate the Neotech from my Core to switch, so it will still be getting burn-in but I’m afraid I’m really struggling living without the Sigma working it’s musical magic!


Fair enough. The Neet hasn’t been in one laid back high end system though but different horses, different courses.

Calling it a myth is kind of harsh don’t you think. You haven’t given it the 1000h burn in suggested and judge it after approximately 150h. Doesn’t seem fair even if you after 1000h still feel it’s not good enough.

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The problem with Neotech, if you really need to wait 1000 hours, is that you have to buy it then sell it on auction sites, because most sites offer 14 days trial and return. 14 days is 336 hours.


Yes. It would be good if one could borrow the dealers used cable to evaluate.


What if you play music in x4 speed?


Guys, I don’t have 1000 hours to wait for an ethernet cable to come on song. It’s now burning in on the Core. After a while I’ll switch back and see how it sounds. I’m quite happy to live with Sigma even though it’s cost me a stack of cash.

I’m not trying to offend with the ‘myth’ thing but we’ve already had other Neotech users says it’s a great cable but it’s no giant killer and move on to other cables.

Have any of you guys had a chance to listen to Sigma yourselves?


I haven’t I’m afraid. I need to do just that. Now I’m only going by what my friend has said. So the claim it’s better than Shunyata Sigma and Omega ain’t mine. I don’t even know if I’d agree. I do however trust his ears and we share a lot of thinking when it comes to judging what is good or not as good.