NEET-1008 Neotech Ethernet RJ45 Cable

There are many companies at least claiming they use OCC copper. Networks acoustics, Oelbach,Real cable, Atlas cables, Ramm audio and so on. It’s also very easy to claim you do use this and that in this business :wink:

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No never :sweat_smile:

Sure but they don’t make their cables. Wan Lung is Neotechs mother company which make cables for Audio Sensibility, Acoustic Zen, Atlas Cables, DoubleHelix, Harmonic Technology, Neotech, XLO, Analysis Plus, MIT, Purist Audio Design, WireWorld

And then we have Furukawa of Japan which is licensed to produce PCOCC Copper for Audio Sensibility, Audience, Audioquest, Furutech, Oyaide, PS Audio

And finally we have Sumitomo of Japan which makes OCC.

My source is

So I am not a :100:

That’s more or less how this world of production works. China/Taiwan produce products to specification sent by R&D in the west. The same factory can then produce everything from cheap and horrible to expensive and awesome.

It’s simple. There’s old broken tech, as all cables, and neo technology .


You don’t have to chose. You can swallow both pills.

I like your joke but to be clear though. I don’t think Neotech is the be all end all cable manufacture. I have tried several of their cables and found them lacking. I do like the power cable 3200 and the speaker cable Nemos 3080. The Neet-1008 seems like a good cable but my evaluation isn’t over just yet. So obviously I find the company interesting since they do bring affordable and good cables to the table. What’s not to like.


That’s very interesting. I couldn’t fault the smooth LAN once it had been in the system for a while.

Well i am pleased to say that after leaving it playing for 21 hours non stop, it’s better tonight.
Hopefully the worst is over now ?? But just going to leave it in and see, like i was before, now that I can listen too it.
Still wouldn’t say it’s great, still a bit bright and shouty. But it’s much better than last night, as that was just horrible.

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It’s a British joke :grin::cocktail:

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I might mess about with my Phoenixnet once this cable settles down.
What i mean is, i might try running my melco player port once again into my dac.
Then try this neotech cable and my audioquest diamond between the phoenixnet/melco, and melco/dac.
That might be worthwhile or not, only one way to see.

Just tried the cable that came with the phoenixnet and was quite surprised by what i heard.
I would have said that it would have been much calmed sound, but it’s not.
The neotech right now has a better low end, sharper more defined top end, with more detail, and more midrange coming through, but it’s no more shouty than the phoenixnet cable. But its more lively.

So i think that’s good news going forward.
I do hope it continues to inpove. I guess i am hoping for it to calm down more in the top end.
Maybe i might be better with a different cable, but too early to say that.
But i like the details coming through and certainly dont want to lose them, but more control at the top would be better.


I did something similar when I was burning it in. I put the catsnake back in because I thought the sound was shouty. It was more shouty with catsnake and worse in every other way too.

It’s weird how the mind plays tricks on us. Memory is a devious thing.

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It will become better.

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After 1000h you will buy Sigma :smile:


I do hope so, as it’s a cheap cable really as far as cables can go.
But i have made it easy for myself to just swap the cables over on the melco.
I also tried a small lenght of catsnake between the melco and phoenixnet as i have 2 x 1m lengths that i don’t use now, and the sound was dull and totally uninspiring to listen too, it lasted about 1 minute.

Probably, probably buy 2 and replace them both.

Not tried the Smooth LAN but I do hear good things. There were some cracking reviews of the CAD, so thought I’d give it a go. There’s a lot of electronics inside one of those things but, as I said, it sounded a touch processed and un-natural, so skipped it.

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