New Firmware update v. 3.6.0

You’re sure, you’re not short on security updates? :wink:

(We had such arguments about server uptime in the lab at work. From security perspective any Linux/Windows (general purpose) system with uptime above 31 days is considered a risk by some. But this very much depends on the systems involved and where they are placed.)

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Well, I left the same album The Beach Boys from Quboz, playing on repeat,last 24 hours…guess what….it’s still playing. Obviously if the ND555 had rebooted it would of stopped.

Go figure!

Yours confused, Dusty!!

Playing for 24 hours is quite the torture test. Not for the streamer, but for the person who has to listen to The Beach Boys! :upside_down_face:

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Oh yes, pretty sure.
There is a whole world outside the Linux ecosystem and, obviously, Windows.
Needing to reboot a system to patch it is, for us, an issue on its own :wink:

There is an update to the Naim app available in the Apple app store. Might this mean new firmware is just around the corner? :thinking:

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I guess it was just a matter of time before I joined the streamer reboot club, streaming the following via Qobuz started from the beginning of the album then silence…

The Roof is Leaking but I suspect a memory leak on the ND5XS2

And now add mine to the random reboot society. It’s an ND555 from 2018, f/w version 3.6.0 (5106) and did it for the first time a few nights ago when the app went unresponsive during selection of Next Track on the NAS, then the unit rebooted.

It’s strange I’m with the beta group and even through all the trials I’ve only ever had one random reboot.

I never had one.
Maybe if Naim released updates (including rebooting the system) more often, it would actually happen less? :wink: (Cleaning up any potential memory leaks.)

Though from what I read, I think the chances are higher, the high(er)-res the material being played. (Like Phil Collins above.)

Hi. I currently own a Uniti Atom since last November. I’ve never been able to update it, using the android app or the remote control.
The app never prompted for a firmware update; every time I try to update via the app (setup / check update), I end up with a screen “checking firmware update” then it goes back to the setup menu…
I don’t even know the current firmware version on the Atom; which line in the information menu is relevant to the firmware version?
The Atom is connected via WiFi.
Any help would be appreciated !

It’s called “System Version” and it should be 3.6.0. (Possibly with another number attached at the end, I don’t know as I’m on the Beta version).
What’s your App Version? It should be 2.22.

It does not “prompt” for an update; when one is available, there is just a small arrow in the streamer’s box on the initial rooms screen. However, when you manually do the check for an update, after “checking firmware update” it should end on a new screen saying “Firmware is up to date”, the installed version number, and a “Continue” button

Hi Suedkiez, so the app version is 2.22.0 and system version is 1.5.7490 (a bit outdated I guess…)
The arrow never appeared, nor in the Uniti screen, nor in the app.
I will try to reset both Atom and app, and plug the unit with ethernet cable.

Wow that’s old :grimacing: Resetting and ethernet is surely a good idea, although wifi should work if it can stream music. Let us know the result, good luck

It didn’t work either via ethernet, after reseting both the unit and the app…
The app is looking for an update, then goes back in the previous menu.
When trying a firmware update using the remote, the uniti screen displays :

  • a first screen “Firmware update - Initialising”
  • then “Firmware update - Checking for new firmware”
  • then another screen : “No response from update server. Chromecast will be disabled. To enable Chromecast please go back and try the firmware update again or try to install the latest update via the settings menu”

Kind of lost right now…
Thanks in advance with any help.

Just to check… Have you done a full system reset/power cycle on your Atom, rather than just switching on/off again?

In the app with the unity as selected room go to settings check for updates, and see if this works better. You should probably reboot everything router and streamer before trying this.

You should do a full power off (long push of the power button until it goes off), then reboot and try again.

If that doesn’t work, do a full power off and unplug and do the same with your router. Wait several minutes and drink tea, then only reboot the router, once the router is fully running correctly, then reboot the Nova and try again.

If that doesn’t work, do a factory reset from the Atom on screen menu.

Good luck and enjoy the tea.

Yes I did a full system reset/power cycle (pressing both buttons on the front panel while plugging power chord), I also did a factory reset using the remote controller via the menu…
Both unit and router have been switched off and unplugged many times before.

To Claus : Using the app, firmware update never worked… It’s just checking new firmware avalability, then moving from the previous screen (with no further informations whatsoever)