New Firmware update v. 3.6.0

If you find that your product has disappeared from the Rooms screen after a firmware update, then please see the solution here;

I assume that owners of older generation streamers (NDS, NDX, ND5, etc.) should not attempt this upgrade under peril of disabling their units? I am sure someone will try at some point.

I’m not aware that’s it’s possible to even try.

All good here ( Nova 3.5xx → 3.6xx )
Aprox 5 minutes of downloading and reboots, no intervention from me
Slightly disconcerting when update starts and app says cant connect to room, ( even though this is normal and happened previously … might be nice to include a warning somewhere ? ) Obvious when you think about I guess.
I think trick for success is to let it finish … several times it appears to have completed and then bam its off again rebooting and updating.
Connects fine through Naim app on iPhone 14.4, all settings remain same
All good in Roon, no changes required, all settings remain same
Cant say I can notice any obvious change in SQ … but I’m sure I could convince myself if I tried hard enough
Regards change in volume I checked / captured volume using a test track and sound app on iPhone before and after update … as near as dammit identical ( which is how it sounds to me )
I never really had any issues of note previously but have updated religiously so hope that continues

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Just FYI, this feedback that better display feedback would help (what is happening or will happen next) was given in the beta group as well and was noted by the developers

Fear not: as @Richard.Dane correctly says, it wouldn’t be possible for them to attempt - this firmware update is only available via the App to users of the specific systems concerned.

My ticket number is 106378. Thank you, Richard!

The 3.4 version of the firmware brought remarkable changes in sound “profile”. For better.

Since then I didn’t notice any major changes.

Does the 3.6 version bring changes in sound?

I update my ND555 yesterday evening and did a quick power off/on early this morning.

I left work earlier this afternoon and took some time to listen to my reference tracks, and believe I noticed shift in sound : mainly, the balance between the upper mids and highs is different.

The treated room + system makes any changes in the upper lows, mids and highs immediately noticeable, especially the upper mids and highs.

@Darkebear @BertBird @Gazza @Michaelb @MichaelF @NigelB

Did you update your ND555?
If so, did you notice something?


OK thanks.

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I’ve been Beta-testing and presently using the prior-to-release Beta 3.6 - which is the best sounding firmware I have ever experienced. I’m yet to change to this Release version - people who used the Beta flavor before it seem to think the Release an improvement on the last Beta 3.6, so it will happen a little ahead for me.

What I say here has to keep clear of discussing any Beta-testing stuff - hopefully I’m within the spirit of rules in opining on SQ.

Depending on system and person people will notice or not changes - in my system and for me I regularly notice the changes and the 3.6 is into a very good direction IMO.
A lot less low-level noise grain in mid-band allows vocals to articulate better - and bass is a lot tighter and deeper.

If the system does not allow for the weight of the deeper notes then it may be perceived as a loss of weight, as the note-structures have tightened to remove some of the upper-harmonics and put that energy into the fundamental - is how I’m hearing it all.

Bass drums and low-synth and bass guitar are more powerful and the sound has got ‘bigger’ in my system - I’m liking it! :slightly_smiling_face:

But this is with what should be the similar but not final-optimised-for-SQ 3.6 - so this should be at least as good.



Well I’ve just updated my NDX2 and both IOS devices with no problems whatsoever. Happy days let the music commence :speaker::notes::notes:

I was a bit iffy re sq last night after upgrading, I thought it was a bit grainey or something but after extensive listening today it’s great and definitely an uplift on my NDX2. It seems it takes your brain a little while to adjust to the new presentation and then it all clicks in to place.


I perceived that too. Tampi / bass drum parts and double bass bow attacks are more defined, less thick or greasy if you will.

Didn’t yet try piano. And leave my favourite Mahler symphonic pieces for the weekend. Evenings aren’t the best moment for symphonic orchestras :sweat_smile:

For me, the main difference, remains in the upper mids and highs. It did translate by a recording venue being more there, or I perceived it differently.

All in all, it is a good release regarding sound changes.

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That is true - I think it is a combination of ‘me’ and ‘the equipment’.
Perhaps Firmware also runs-in. :upside_down_face:


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Yeah…things are…a bit more…more. I do not have the sophisticated ear or knowledge of equipment of many (most?) here, that said, the Atom is just killing. I have the Focal Chora 816s, and now it’s been 6 weeks of break in, plus the firmware update. And with yesterday’s update, everything is more alive. The separation of the highs for one thing is quite magnified.

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Late install, but started it via my Android Mobile, it completed fine, then switched to the iPad for iPeng, all flawless ZERO issues.

Another SQ change though - Naim have nailed it, this one is a keeper, reminds my of the old Skool Naim relentless PRaT which is what got me hooked 20+ years ago.

Well done Naim, Beta team.


I’m having my first listen since yesterday…soundstage seems wider. I’m hearing more detail and better clarity at the bottom end.

Impressed at the moment.

I am enjoying an uplift in speed, it seems more fleet of foot. No complaints.


Interesting, I got that feeling too. But wasn’t able to put words on it. It is like if the system was a tad faster.


Ah, the His Master Voice at work…he took the words right out of my 3.6 version!!!

Completely agree with DB, I’m loving this version. For Dustys ears I’m really enjoying greater stereo separation, more 3D like than the previous version i was on. The depth of bass is gorgeous. I could easily live with this version for a long time to come. I left my system running constantly since last nights upgrade and I’m happy to report it was still playing the same album which meant no reboot etc, great job guys.

Well done Naim, actually fantastic work Naim. Thank you to all the guys on the Beta team, great work and really appreciated. Also, thank you to Clare and Richard…The Naim Carpenters…see what i did there.:joy::joy:.

Diana Krall is currently in my room,gawd knows how she got here. I wonder if she fancies a nice cup of tea as I suspect she’s in for a long evening!!!