New Firmware update v. 3.6.0

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I find it surprising that users are reporting audio changes to their streamers. Sound quality wasn’t something that was adressed by Naim in this firmware update specifically.

Does working with the code in the firmware automatically have an effect on sound, even if it is not the desired result? That would mean the sound could change even for minor recoding. Not sure if that is desirable.


Yes, in essence. Any change to the firmware potentially affects sound quality.

Naim primarily aim to fix bugs or add new features when necessary with firmware updates but sonic changes happen.

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Hi all, Had a quick look and can’t see this covered above, NDX2 carried out update, and power light is now flashing in the following pattern 6 flashes, pause, 4 flashes, pause… Any ideas anybody?

Updated from the settings options in the control app. The app refused to reconnect after the update until I powered the ND555 down and back up again. All fine after that. IIRC, the same thing happened last time I updated the FW.
I only managed to listen for 40 mins or so, but no SQ change detected and it sounded absorbing. I’d meant to spend the 40 mins track hopping, but couldn’t move on and ended up listening to the whole of a Beethoven Piano Trio. Sounded lovely :+1:



In France we pronounce the same “clear” and Clare. :joy::chicken:

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I would unplug, leave for few minutes to allow a reboot🤞🏽

:+1:t2: Thanks…

Okay, As above, rebooted, and now stuck on Home Screen with same 6-4-1 power light flashing sequence? And disappeared from app…

I was very vocal here a few years ago (as were others) about perceived SQ changes on my Nova after a particular update.

These days I’m more pragmatic. The sonic signature can and does change due to firmware changes - this is not intentional. Some notice no change, others +ve or -ve changes.

Prior to formal firmware releases I believe there are SQ tweaks intended to be beneficial. Ultimately any sonic change is specific to the user’s physical/networked environment and system characteristics. There is no way to predict for everyone if changes will be neutral/positive or negative.

Personally, having often reverted to a much earlier version on my Nova because I have an older firmware file which I preferred sonically, I no longer do this as recent versions are much improved.

We have a choice not to update if we’re happy or take a slight gamble that things may sound different. Even if an update now sounds worse there’s no reason a future one won’t sound much better.

So, if concerned and happy stick with what you have, if not update and just appreciate there might or might not be a perceptible change but you won’t be able to revert. If there are no bugs or new features you need I’d probably stay with existing firmware unless you adopt the pragmatic approach. It would equally be fair to say that if audio ‘partners’ change their software older versions might not work even if Naim update old erstreamer firmware to accomodate the new changes.

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My Nova went thru more download - install - reboot cycles than I was comfortable to witness, so I left the room before I was tempted to pull the plug.

I witnessed it return to the main screen 2x, but the Power button was still pulsing and sure enough, within seconds it went around again.

I let it do it’s thing and it seems to be fine now. But the process is potentially confusing and may cause people to interrupt the install, which isn’t ideal.

great job Naim. ND5xs2 into active SL2. Either the best mains night of the year or the sq has really moved on for real. Somewhat like a Sondek bearing upgrade from old original to cirkus etc. :slight_smile:

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My Star has been sounding rather flat, lifeless (and hard edged on some recordings) for a while and I wondered if the new firmware might fix it. It didn’t make any difference. After reading on here about powering down for 30 minutes I tried it and 3 dimensional sound and wonderfulness has returned. Thanks for the tip

Probably you should call Naim Support tomorrow.

But if you wanted to try something else first, then a factory reset might be worth a try.

“Restoring NDX 2 to Factory Settings

When turning on the NDX 2 power supply, hold down the Play and Input selection buttons of the NDX 2, until the front panel display of the NDX 2 turns on, then release. Warning: This will reset the music database and will delete all favourites and playlists.”



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Agree with @davidhendon re factory reset.

After that… Deleting and reinstalling the App has helped several here, too.


I had the same with my NDX2

Power off => on and it finished the update.

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That just means - IMHO - the the SQ change is subliminal consciously but we mainly listen to music subconsciously in parallel - these changes to absorption into music and listening for longer that you initially intended are what I use to assess if I have had an upgrade in performance, even if initially I can’t determine what has changed. :wink:


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Thanks… and @davidhendon, factory reset done and all okay. :slightly_smiling_face:


I am not going to comment any further as I had my last post removed without a clear explanation for the reason for its removal.

Others seem to be freely discussing beta testing in this thread without moderation. I think beta testers need clearer guidelines about what can and what cannot be discussed outside of the beta testing threads.



We aren’t allowed to say anything at all here in the public forum about what happened or was discussed in the beta group, because we all operate there under a non disclosure agreement. That’s all. What happens in the beta group stays in the beta group…

We can discuss here what we think now about the public release though. There is no restriction on what beta testers say in that regard.

I think it is quite clear if you read the beta testing rules.