New firmware update

Thanks Graeme.

And please anybody who is experiencing any issues such as random re-booting, since the latest firmware update, PLEASE contact Naim Tech Support. Despite some reports posted on here, I’m told there haven’t been many reports received by Naim tech support. Naim R&D use the tech support logs in order to try to fix the issue, and the more they get, the better able they will be to nail it down.

As a reminder, for help with all Naim product installation and operation please use the following details:
T: +44 (0) 1722 443405

Hours of service are Mon-Fri 9:30am-5:30pm GMT/BST


Hi Richard

I am experiencing these problems and have reported this as requested (Ticket 89647)
I have not have a reply other that the auto-generated ticket number response and the problems is persisting.



Thanks 1GL, I know it’s being worked on so you may not get any solution just yet, but your input should hopefully be helpful in finding a fix.

Thanks Richard
I’d be willing to join the Beta testing group if useful.

That would be great. Just email giving details of your system and expressing your wish to join the Beta test group.

In fact, for anyone else also interested in joining the beta group, please do likewise as I know that Naim are looking to expand the group prior to the next beta release which should be coming up for testing soon.

Email sent. Thanks Richard.

Thought I had escaped unscathed until a couple of days ago when my Atom stopped the BBC Radio stream I was listening to and rebooted. Slightly annoying as I missed a small chunk of an interesting program, but bearable, particularly as I am enjoying the 3.5 change in SQ.

I have reported this event to Naim support. I’ll also consider joining the Beta group.


Yes please Roger. I know Naim are particularly keen for anybody who has experienced a random re-boot to join in for the next beta test.

I don’t have time to participate in betas I am afraid. I have logged all my troubles with support from day one of the firmware going wrong. As I am now back on 3.4 I am not chasing it up anymore.

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It doesn’t really take much time, you just load the software and use as you would do normally. You’re not expected to do a system test or follow a test plan just use and report back any issues and if it becomes too much just revert back to the production release.

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Please be aware - we are experiencing unusually high numbers of incoming contacts and - as a result.- our response times have been delayed. We sincerely apologise for the inconvenience and delay and thank you for your patience

Perhaps mine tipped them over the edge…


I am experiencing 2 problems:

  1. the random reboot as reported on here by several.

  2. the Naim App freezing so I get the good old “Streamer not responding” message and have to delete the App, download it again via the App Store.
    I then need to switch off (have a cup of tea) reboot the NDX2.

These problems occur on a weekly basis. All very trying.

I’d love to know to what degree these problems are being experienced by others, if at all.

I have just encountered the third known random reboot on my ND555. This was during a stream from YouTube using Apple AirPlay.

I have reported this to Naim Support.

I have reported also and have received a ticket no with the same message as Clive. I Also wonder whether Naims idea of a screen freeze fix is a reboot as my reboot happened after the screen had frozen. Not a result I would be happy with as certainly with a manual reboot sound quality takes a hit as the 555 settles in again. Perpetual warm up anyone ?

I never received a ticket with my email responses and gave up corresponding after the last suggestion from Naim that setting the streamer to “never off” would fix things, which was quickly disproven by responses on this thread.

No recent stutters or re-boots this week and it sounds great though.

Communication hasn’t be great TBH.

I am quite certain that this would not be Naim’s idea of a fix. Keep the faith!



I had both until I got downgraded back to 3.4

I’m sure you are right David. Just a bit of frustration really. Screen freeze every two weeks or so has been an issue for me for 2years

My suggestion that the random reboot was an intentional fix for the screen fix was tongue in cheek - hence the exclamation mark. I do not for one minute believe Naim would have devised a solution which deliberately interrupts music replay to rectify the screen freeze issue.

I got an answer within minutes after I sent an email to Naim support.

Thank you for reporting this issue. We are aware of it and are working on a fix.
Kind regards