New firmware update

Hi Richard

I have an NDX2 and SN2 connected by ethernet (and switch).
I only use the unit for streaming Qobus via the Naim App ie no local streaming/Tidal etc.
The unit is about 16 months old.
I have been experiencing random restarts - about 3 in as many weeks - since the latest update.
Like many others I am very happy with the sound of it but it does not feel reliable as a unit.
The NDX2 has also stuttered during streaming a couple of times (sounds like a damaged cd when stuck).
Prior to the update I was experiencing very brief intermittent drop outs when streaming HiRes on Qobus.

Richard - I will be contacting Naim Technical Support first thing tomorrow to report this.
I confirm that I have switched everything off and waited half an hour before powering back up again in the sequence recommended but this has not resolved the problem.



Yes, but did you have the obligatory cup of tea?


No. Gin or beer is actually preferred.


But doesn’t too much lead to stuttering?


Well, it seems my NDX2 now also has showed some problems. It had performed flawlessly since the update.
Then yesterday while listening to Tidal, it started to stutter and rebooted by itself. It came back online and was okay. But, the automatic reboot bothers me.

Please ensure you report this to the support team at We need to ensure that the engineers are aware of the magnitude of the problem, or at least how widespread it is.


Yes reporting all events is important but I imagine Naim and specifically the software team are aware of the magnitude and are diligently working on update although I imagine this will take a fair amount of time .

But at post #745 Richard implied, albeit eight days ago, that there hadn’t been that many reports of the stuttering or random reboots to Naim Tech Support, so I feel it is important to keep the pressure on. I am reporting each such event and will continue to do so until this is resolved.


I have reported it.

Exact same thing happened to my nova today!

Yes, as Clive suggests above, it’s really important to contact Naim support should you experience any stuttering and then re-boots, particularly if you have already done the recommended re-boot procedure following the update.

Naim R&D will be using the support logs in their investigation, so the more info they have the better.

Mine too.

Instead of screen freeze my Nova experience stuttering and random re-boots since I updated the firmware.

Hi @Richard.Dane,

Do I need to be Statement owner in order to get an answer from Naim Support?

I bought all my Super Lumina cables and 500 DR series boxes new, full price!

Even so, it appears I’m not considered as a valuable customer.

I emailed Naim Support on Monday the 7th, and have not had a reply to date… :frowning_face:


@Thomas , did you get a reply with a ticket number? I tried to log one a while back, got no response, tried again a week later, still no response, then I sent it again from a different email address, and received a ticket number within minutes. So your email may have gone in a spam inbox. try another email address if you have one

I received the automatic reply with a ticket number (Your Ticket Number is 88919) and that’s all.

Nothing in the spam box.

Thomas, what’s your support ticket number? You should have received one back very quickly. Let me know and I’ll ask somebody to look into it.

Thanks Richard,

The ticket number is 88919.

I perfectly understand there is no available answer to my/our reboot issue.

But, as a customer, it is nice to get an answer from support. Especially considering the whole system is almost new, less than 2 years old.

NAS playing and began stuttering so I quickly changed to internet radio and it stopped. Playing from NAS again.

I tried this before and if you are quick enough it prevents the reboot.

Will report.


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I didn’t receive a reply to my report of the second instance of random reboot, although I did refer to the initial ticket number, so I assume that the two instances have been linked. It would be nice to have an update with some indication as to when this will be resolved. I’d be happy to live with version 3.4 if that could be made available, even if it did mean accepting fortnightly screen freezes.

Maybe this is how v3.5 overcomes the fortnightly screen freeze. The way to overcome the frozen screen is to power off and reboot the streamer. Now it happens automatically!