New App release - iOS 5.20 & Android 2.20

From today there is a new App release for both iOS and Android. I’m told that iOS should be available in the App store now for most, although Android may take a little bit longer to appear. It should take a no longer than a few days to be available everywhere. This update is to prepare for the upcoming firmware release, of which you’ll be notified in due course.

iOS – Release 5.20

NB: Requires Apple device to be running iOS 12 or above – here are all devices capable of that


  • Improved VoiceOver functionality on Now Playing, Settings, Help & Album/Artist/Track screens (more on Apple VoiceOver here: Accessibility - Vision - Apple (UK))
  • Background optimisations

Crash fixes

  • Fix for crash loading an album with > 500 tracks
  • Fix for crash playing certain Tidal artists

Bug fixes

  • AirPlay setup issues
  • Flashing artwork when foregrounding APP
  • Missing icons and badges
  • Overlapping artwork in certain scenarios
  • Some Tidal login issues
  • Tidal artist name missing at times
  • Roon connection issues
  • Playlist sharing
  • Now Playing issues
  • Some iRadio artwork not displaying
  • Global Search text overlaps place holder image
  • Search option missing for Legacy units with Tidal or Core
  • Some broken UPnP playlist functionality
  • Core playlists sometimes missing
  • Core sometimes excluded from global search
  • Tidal/Qobuz playlists not always assigned to Favourites
  • ‘Tap for Options’ setting preventing track playback from Home screen
  • Missing ‘A-Z’ option on Spotify favourites
  • Sample rates displaying incorrectly
  • Some distorted Qobuz images
  • No keyboard for Tidal login on Legacy units
  • Rovi not always launching correctly
  • Occasional secondary filter bar displayed
  • No icons next to the store when albums by location selected
  • Blank Global Search in search history
  • Inactive filter bar in Minim server Albums view
  • Missing Hi-Res logo on Homescreen Favourites & Presets
  • Tidal/Qobuz favourites showing on Core Homescreen
  • “Stop stream” button is missing after power cycle
  • Crash selecting >50 My Purchases in Qobuz
  • Cannot turn off loudness on a Gen 1 or Gen 2 Muso/Qb
  • VoiceOver: don’t announce checkmarks
  • VoiceOver: Legacy settings - Missing room position announcements
  • Screens can overlap invoked in quick succession
  • Failing to connect to system when playing Chromecast
  • Last played track name always ‘Ready’ when bringing a device out of standby
  • Background colour of pop-ups consistent across dark or light mode
  • slow connection times when foregrounding the app
  • foregrounding the app (from Now Playing) could crash to Rooms screen
  • Bluetooth input enable/disable not always updating

Android – Release 2.20


  • Library updates
  • Mu-so and Mu-so Qb 2nd Generation Wi-Fi setup updates
  • Several crash fixes

Bug fixes

  • Tidal/Qobuz favourites showing on Core Homescreen
  • UPnP playlist with incorrect created date
  • System Automation showing incorrect volume control options
  • Tablet only: Volume buttons hidden
  • DNS settings not being saved
  • Favourite Category defaults to reverse sort order
  • Incorrect option to queue USB track
  • Play sometimes skips to previous track
  • Mu-so Qb Gen 1 stand-by issues
  • No servers shown if only one server available
  • Incorrect placeholder image for some artists
  • Tablet rotation issues
  • ‘Tap for Options’ sometimes failing
  • Balance setting not updating correctly
  • Some tracks cannot be added to a playlist from Now Playing screen
  • Incorrect alarm times when language German or Dutch
  • ‘Albums by Location’ disappears on a Core
  • Some image issues on Android 5
  • Fetching Favourites multiple times in background when moving to Home Screen
  • Presets don’t always appear on Legacy Home Screen
  • Tap for Options not working properly on Presets and Favourites
  • Network settings are not being updated