New Focal & Naim App

Dear David.

Wow, thanks for clarification, it’s now a big clearer for me !

You can have a look to my last reply to Jegreenwood.
I consider Naim should add such option to select the way you want to read an album : from metadata or not …

Let’s see !
Thanks again for your explanation,

Hello Mike.
Thanks for advise !

I’ll check if I install such applications or not.

I solved my concern by emptying the “title” metadata of the album before copying it into WD or DS214+ …

Sincerly yours,

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Not a good thing if you have removed metadata tags ….
…… assuming that what you’ve removed is from the actual embedded metadata

Well, as I said in an earlier post, I have the ND5 XS2. To my knowledge, the only way to control that is through the app.

not the only one.

u can use “BubbleUPnP Server” and declare your NAIM streamer as “OpenHome”.
then u can use Lumin app to to play music on your streamer.

I did that with my old Qute.

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OK, but that may not be a practical answer. I don’t know why Bertrand doesn’t want to use the Focal&Naim app, but I wonder if using the Lumin app plus Open Home and BubbleUPnP is the way he wants to go.

You can control via any freeware or paid uPNP player app and desktop apps.

naim streamers are standards compliant (DLNA). I can use third party apps on both iPad and Android to pick music from my NAS and trigger SuperUniti or NDX 2 to play it. I also in my office have Windows and Ubuntu desktop apps which can browse Asset uPNP and control streamers. Windows Media Player probably does it without any hassle.

The naim app is far from the only way to send music from a uPNP server to your streamer!

he has to install a new server.
I use Minim Server on my Qnap with great satisfaction.

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Understood, but his Focal&Naim app works, as does mine. As do my JRemote and iPeng (via ChromeCast). Perhaps my statement, “To my knowledge, the only way to control that is through the app,” was a little glib, but it gets to Bertrand’s question. He is trying to select music on his ND5 XS, itself. I responded that I have an ND5 XS2, where that is not an option, by which I meant I could not help him.

Maybe someone with experience with an ND5 XS can offer advice.

I regularly use the screen on our SuperUniti to pick music from NAS via the remote (I’m old school). It’s a feature sadly missing from the NDX2 with it’s fantastic screen :cry:

The tracks on any album are presented on the green screen in correct order as they are in the naim app or would be on any other device or app. Asset uses the TRACKNUMBER tag to sort.

If there is an issue with track ordering doesn’t that point to the upnp server serving incorrectly or bad metadata?

It’s not me who wants to. My ND5 XS2 doesn’t have a screen. Please review the posts.

I know, it was just a general response to your suggestion and not targeted at you directly despite my colloquial use of ‘you’ instead of the correct usage of ‘one’.
Post now deleted.
One is now out of this thread.


I’d also suggest a ‘2’ was missing from the query :thinking: Maybe not, we don’t always read all the posts in a thread before replying, especially if we’ve perused it ages ago and lost track.

My apologies for an over-reaction.


Dear all.

I use Focal&Naim app from time to time but I prefer to use ND5XS direct because I don’t have my phone always with me :slightly_smiling_face:

But I do confirm this app always read albums ordered by tracks (and I guess second order is filename) by default and I did not see any option to change the way to select the reading order …
Example :
First song has track number 01 and filename is 01-blabla
Second song has track number 02 and filename is 02-bloblo
Third song has track number 01 and filename is 03-blublu

Then, reading album will be 01-blabla, 03-blublu and 02-bloblo in the app because track number is first order and filename is second order.

Please, don’t ask me why third song has 01 for track number :joy:, it may happen …

It’s a little sad neither ND5XS nor Focal&Naim app don’t propose any possibility to change reading order … :weary:

For those who it may concern,
Have all an excellent week-end,
Bertrand Dubois

The Naim streamer plays music in the order that the UPnP server provides. Nothing to do with the ND5.
A decent UPnP server and correct metadata is what’s required here.

As we have already explained!

Perhaps a do…until loop is needed :wink:


You could run all problem albums in your music collection through an MP3tag script and reset TRACKNUMBER tag from filename in a matter of seconds.

Not sure why you expect any uPNP server software, the naim app, or any other device/software/app, to do anything but respect standard metadata tags.

Since you mentioned Cambridge Audio as a reference have you referred to their online help for track ordering issues….

Bottom para, Step 1:

  • Make sure songs have correctly been assigned ‘track number’ metadata


Let me say that while I do not use WD/Twonky, I have tested it with a Nova and the Focal&Naim app, and it works.

If there’s a way to access a UPnP server using the Nova remote, I couldn’t figure it out. (This was the first time I pulled the remote from the drawer since I tested it to make sure it works.) Can you access Twonky through the remote?

Again, I do not have an ND5 XS, so my experience may be different.