New from Naim – Solstice Special Edition turntable

Can one assume that like cars, dealers have a credit line to fund high cost demo equipment. If that credit low/free interest period comes to an end then perhaps there will be a number of ex demo kit coming up? That and the expected upcoming recession may make some dealers jittery about holding on to expensive stock.

I don’t think it’s about dealers being jittery. There is no point having a demo unit of a product that isn’t being produced and all manufactured units have been sold. It’s not like you can go and order one, so why have a demo unit hanging around the shop. They may as well recoup their outlay for it.


It’s a limited run, so I suspect ClearAudio know the situation, more realistically they have just released their own similarly priced TT @ around £17 k , so a Solstice 2 would be a direct competitor to themselves.

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I guess if Naim are nearing the end of the 500 then dealers will sell off the demo models.

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If most dealers had one each, I am not sure that any were really demonstrators in the usual sense. It will be interesting where the second hand price settles.

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Everything at your dealer is for sale. :thinking:


Well so far the lowest i have seen for sale was £9500, so i guess about half price, as per normal, unless you trade in and then obviously it will be lower to allow for dealer margin

How is the Thales in bass weight? Did you compare the the slim/easy combo with the one you have?

Its very nice great weight and speed.
Never even seen that turntable in real life, let alone heard one.

I means that slim easy is the cheaper proposal of turntable and arm in Thales portfolio

As said never seen the slim or heard it, sorry.
But it does get nive reviews

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Has there been an update on the vinyl record that’s supposedly included with SSE?

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Excellent question!

Gosh……i think had a demo of the Solstice a year ago……still no record?

Did it stipulate if it used digital or analogue mastering? …………. I’ll get my coat!:joy:


It’s on Qobuz……

I’ve asked Naim label manager James for an update.

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Is that the July record store playlist or another one Mike ?

So I had a chat with Naim’s label Manager James about the Solstice LP. It seems to have been something of a trial, with at least three sounds of test pressings all being rejected due to issues, and at one point necessitating a change in pressing plant. Eventually it was found that there was an issue with the metalwork so the LP had to be re-cut. The good news is that the latest TP from the re-cut has been approved and production is underway with an expected delivery sometime within the next few months. Reading between the lines I would guess that those of you who have bought a Solstice from a UK dealer will probably hear from them soon…