New from Naim – Solstice Special Edition turntable

Same. I would prefer the Ultimate version, although I am curious how much of the cost could be backed out if I decline the deep cryo on the transformer et al.

Are there different levels of service for the Nait 2 and, if so, what different things are done? And what are the (approximate) costs?

The AV Options website will provide all the answers here.

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I see there are still a few ex demo / display Solstice TT’s around. Might be a nice early Christmas present for someone…


Hi Chris, wish I could help more with a comparisons…I am sure AV/Chris West can and can be trusted on that.

I can only say that I have an Ultimate Nait 2 and with the right speakers and ancillaries (turntable, mc step up transformer), it is one of the best amplifiers I have owned. Deserves the best in partnering equipment. This goes back to my single ended triode days, Shindo, Berning, etc….It’s a little tiny solid state amplifier with a tiny transformer and feels strange to say such a thing but it’s true! Has taken me a long time and lots of experimentation to “get my head around” this way of thinking.

I bought my version a few years ago from someone else and it doesn’t have the ALPs volume but has all the other upgrades including cryo. Have endlessly debated with myself sending back to AV to have this replaced. Sounds so good that I am afraid to change anything.


Not to get off topic but I used my Nait2 when my 552 and 500 were off for DR service. (NDS-Nait2-Kudos Titans at the time). I was delighted with the tow taping sound the little Nait produced.

I should reach out to Chris West and schedule-in my Nait2 for the ultimate service. Mine is a late CD version.


It will be interesting to see what you think after pairing your Solstice with your rebuilt Nait 2!

Maybe you should connect them up and have a listen before West does his magic, so you can see the differences and all :grin:

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Hi , i’ve a naim solstice and i will test my superline with supercar dr with the solstice
wich plus is good with the cartridge ?
thanks Laurent

It’s been years since I owned a SL- don’t recall all of the plug values. I do think there is a 100R which is where I would start with . I think @ChrisBell may be a good resource for this…

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I use a 100R and 1K Airplugs on my Superline with outstanding results. Highly recommend.

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I’ve tried my superline with Equinox, via the 552 ps, and the results (IMHO) with the Solstice phono stage was far better…

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I must admit that, having played with different carts (Lyra Delos and rega aphelion 2) and my allnic phono I find the original package or deck cart and phono hard to beat. I am sure it can be improved by adding a to end cart but, for the money I think it is as good as it gets.


I think the Solstice phono preamp is very good, but the Superline/Supercap DR brought out the magic of the ARO2. I had a custom set of Airplugs made for the Equinox cartridge and that made a significant difference as well.

I’m hoping there will be a future power supply (next-gen hicap?) so I can use the Solstice phono preamp with my LP12/ARO. Shame that it sits in a box.


thanks for your response

I assume auto correct did this, but WTF is
“tow taping”? :grin: These algorithms or whatever they use to correct our spelling are out there.

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Given the context, tow taping = toe tapping? My auto correct kept changing tapping to rapping.

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I had a very informative chat with Jas Gould this morning. I wanted to get his take on whether planting a 300 P/S somewhere in my Solstice chain would be of benefit. This was his suggestion based on listening tests.

The new supply isn’t compatible with the Solstice phono (not without a complex bespoke cable termination job) but is a definite upgrade over the Solstice P/S when feeding the motor. Jas informs me that Superline/ Supercap is still a superior combo regardless phono wise. So I’ve ordered a 300 to power the motor. Funnily enough after replacing the Solstice P/S only the deck and arm will remain from the original package. I will report back as and when with the results of the 300 upgrade.


Does 18 months ago still count as New from Naim? :grinning:

Keep feeding the thread and it will keep its title. You can always start another, something like “Discontinued by Naim (or was it Clearaudio) after a brief shot at glory”.

I’m hoping to get a homo demo of the NPX300 when my dealer gets his stock. It will be interesting to hear if it makes a substantial difference. Since buying the Solstice it has become my primary source, so any improvement would be welcome. As as bonus, freeing up the Solstice power supply would allow me to use my NVC-TT phono preamp with my LP12.