New from Naim – Solstice Special Edition turntable

Do you prefer your current spec Solstice to your LP12 Chris?

My LP12 in a second system with a Supernait 2 and Stageline K. A phono preamp upgrade would be welcome addition should I upgrade to the NPX300.

But, for the price of the NPX300 I could get a high end Lyra cartridge. Hmmmmm…


Decisions decisions :thinking:

1st world hi-fi problems. :rofl:


Indeed. Nice dilema to have. I will be interested to read your take on the P/S upgrade. I’ve based my purchase on Naim’s Ambassador’s recommendation. He’s never let me down yet. :crossed_fingers:


At least the ps will not need replacing every 2-3 years!

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Until the NPX-555 comes out. Then it starts all over again!


I’m in the same boat Chris- my pimped Solstice has been my primary source since receipt. Just a joy to use and listen to.
New PS is great news- I hope it produces a RADIKAL improvement :grinning:


My NPX300 has arrived at the dealers. Delivered to me on Wednesday to replace the Solstice P/S feeding the motor. Impressions to follow


Should be interesting. I am borrowing a 222 and 300ps while my dealer is closed (Sunday-Monday) and will probably throw the ps on my solstice connected to 282 before trying the 222 with ps in place of the 282

I can’t, logically get my head around why it would make a difference but, having heard a radical on my old LP12 I know it can

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Improving the power supply to the turntable motor has been worthy since as far back as I can remember. I remember going from the Valhalla P/S on the LP12 to Armageddon. Jason Gould tried the 300P/S on the Solstice and gave me the nod to try it . I expect a significant upgrade but time and listening will tell :+1:

Perhaps the NPX300 is the HiCap for the new (Classic) generation…?

We do not yet know , exactly what it can power or what the results will be… :thinking:

Interestingly I was checking the manual in case there were any special cables needed and it specifically mentions connecting the solstice using the cable that is used for the standard solstice ps

More closely aligned to the XPS2 in purpose and performance I’ve been told.

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Yes. You might as well use the existing Burndy which will be run in.

The manual implies that you need to use the existing cable, but I am a bit confused with all the type 2 type 3 type 4 connections!

‘ The NPX 300 is capable of powering Naim Audio source products featuring a Type 2 connection, such as the Solstice Series NVS TT turntable.
The Type 2 cable supplied with the Solstice turntable can be connected to the Type 3 output on the NPX 300. Logo brightness is synchronised from the source device“

Different Burndy cables/ connectors for different components.

Well I have to say the power supply seems to make a noticeable difference! More authority and bass definition. Bear in mind I am using it into a 222 using its internal power supply. If I get a chance I will put my 282 back in and do the comparison on that as well.


NPX300 p/s in to replace the Solstice P/S (bottom right)

Straight out of the box the sound now has more scale and resolution. Even surface noise, which was already low, has dropped. I’d liken the upgrade to going from Lingo to Radikal on an LP12. Certainly more substantial than Valhalla to Armageddon was. It’s a keeper for sure. Solstice owners prepare yourself before demonstrating this change.


I completely agree. I felt the 300ps had a greater impact on the Solstice than it did on the 222!

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