New from Naim – Solstice Special Edition turntable

Sounds like a bit of an own goal. Top, toppiest turntable ever, recently introduced, can be improved by a simple power upgrade. :thinking:


How very unlike Naim. Any decent turntable benefits from better power. LP12 Radical is £6.5k. Upgraded sullp (with valves!) for my Brinkmann is about the same. Both apparently make a big difference.

I for one am delighted Naim chose to make the 300ps so flexible.


Indeed it is an unexpected benefit that a general purpose power supply can be used in such a way.

They were clever in launching Solstice as a limited run of 500 special edition.
The NPX TT is being repackaged as a 200 Series PSU at some point.
I’d suspect they always had the NPX 300 in mind as a natural power source for a Solstice but prefered to announce it with greater impact as part of the New Classic 200 Series launch range.
Perhaps at some point they’ll do a 300 TT version of the Solstice (rebadged) sold without all the bits the Solstice bundle comes with.

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Not convinced there will ever be another TT from Naim. At least not in the same vein as the Solstice. Reading between the lines I am not sure the relationship with Clearaudio and gettting everything made in a timely fasion was a success.


Plus Roy George who designed the turntable and arm has now retired. This is nothing compared to all the upgrade options that come with LP12 ownership. Not sure why anyone would have a gripe about this P/S option being made available.


Not a new one, just a rebadged version of the Solstice in line with all the changes to the ranging (200/300/500/Statement)

That would require Clearaudio and Naim to want to make them and I am not sure that is the case anymore (just conjecture though)

I’d be interested to buy a non special edition one, without the original power supply or phono stage for a bit less than that original package… would expect that option would appeal to more. And get this new power supply at first hop.

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The turntable and arm are the jewels. Thank you Mr George. They are the only components from the original package that remain. The P/S and Phono can be sold as a pair to a range of potential turntable owners so expect @£2k return on those. The dealer gave me £1k back on the Equinox. I think the turntable and arm stand me at around £10k. So if you bought the 300P/S with Superline/ Supercap new you’d be looking at a similar outlay to buying a new LP12 Klimax. I know which I prefer sonically. My “tricked up” Solstice is the best source that I’ve heard and a MUCH better sounding deck than the original package which went into my system just over a year ago.


Very nice Cohen1263,
Is the NPX 300 eliminates the need for the Solstice ps?
I don’t see it in the pic…

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Thanks Ariel. Yes the 300 P/S replaced the Solstice P/S. I use Superline/ Supercap but for those Solstice owners who are using the original package not only is the 300 a better P/S to motor adding it frees up the Solstice P/S to power just the phono. So a two pronged upgrade.

Just to clarify. The 300ps does not power the solstice phono stage. You still need the original px for that

so…3 boxes (includes NPX 300) for the original package?

Yes you can use the 300ps for the table and the original ps for the phono stage

I am proud to say that i am 1 of the 500. Took ownership and installed the solstice yesterday and to say i was blown away is a understatement. The sound is everything i was hoping for. Many thanks to Peter Swain from Cymbiosis for the setting up and fine tuning.


Peter is def the right man for the job :+1:
Enjoy- its a great deck that can be significantly improved upon when the bug bites…


Can’t it just!!!

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Cograts! The Equinox will start to shine after 50 hours.

Happily, after a log wait, I received the record that completes the genius Solstice package…
It was definitely worth the wait! sound amazing!