New from Naim – Solstice Special Edition turntable

Ooh, I think you must be the first?

It seems so:)

I have the perfect spot for that record.


BTW, mine arrived with a black inner sleeve only…

It should fit inside the Solstice book.

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I really hope you don’t mind me asking, but is that corrosion on the top of your Fraim?
Enjoy the record BTW.


It is…

Sadly, It is corrosion…
I hope Naim find an alternative solution for that…

Although the Fraim parts are stainless steel it’s of the type that can get some surface corrosion/discolouration in very humid or damp environments (I can’t recall the type number now but it was posted somewhere on the old forum - this type was chosen because it sounded best). For anyone in such a scenario Naim offered specially plated parts on an exchange basis and also stainless steel balls in place of the (better sounding) mild steel ones. This was when I was at Naim, so a long time ago, and I don’t know whether this is still offered at all.


The Fraim’s stainless steel parts also get very rusty very quickly when you live near the sea. Not a good environment for them it seems.

Could someone explain, please, what is meant by an ‘Ultimate Nait 2’?

Has someone been ‘pimping’ the little devil and, if so, what does that entail? And who does it?

(I am just about to press into service a Nait 2, which has been sitting unused for over a decade.)

It’s a NAIT 2 that has been rebuilt by Chris West of AV Options in the US, who is Naim approved. It has some cryogenically treated bits and bobs such as Z foil resistors, ALPS Blue pot, WBT Next Gen RCA Phonos for the Phono input, and a detachable mains lead with the AV Options Tibia lead included. It’s not strictly “kosher” but as the parts are also used by Naim in various different ways, and cryogenics apart, there’s nothing too off-piste, I guess it’s given the blind eye by Naim.


Thanks so much for your prompt and helpful reply, Richard. I have a vague memory of maybe having asked about this before, so my apologies if this is the case.

Do you know if I could have this ‘upgrade’ (shall we call it) done to mine, as I am UK resident? If so, how I would go about getting that done and what - in rough terms - would I be looking at in terms of ‘folding’ (as the immortal Arfer Daley would have it) and timing?

You’d have to contact Chris at AV options. He has a website with full details. It’s not cheap though, and with the shipping and taxes on top…

FWIW, I had my CB NAIT2 fully rebuilt by Naim at the factory to “as new” spec (they even fitted new output devices) and it came back performing wonderfully. You also have the option of sending it to someone like Darran at Class A who will service it using Naim supplied parts and who does a great job.


Richard, have you ever heard the AV Nait2? I know Art Dudley sang its praises when he had one in to play with.

Thanks again, Richard. As I said, it’s been sitting unused for ten years, so I suppose that I ought to try it out first, if only to check that it works (I’ve never had it going in a system). But I am awaiting new 'speakers (LS3/5As) before I can do that.

We shall see what transpires.

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No, I haven’t listened to one.

Ah, no problems, just wondered.

Back on topic.

I wonder if someone can settle a debate i’m having. Does the sleeve on the burndy cable go to the turntable end or the power supply end ? One person is saying it doesn’t matter because it is only carrying voltage. The manual doesn’t show where the sleeve is.

If it’s like all the other power burndies, the band will go at the turntable end, because that’s the source of music. That’s how it works on the streamers, and Naim will be consistent here.