New Linn Ekstatik and Radikal

Linn to introduce a new Ekstatik cartridge (5500 lbs) and new and improved Radikal, in both Akurate and Klimax cases.

Per Loud and Clear, Glasgow.


That is a rather heavy cartridge.


Not quite Pragmatik indeed.


A little more Titanik.


The Naim Solstice seems to have trouble with lighter cartridges, so this one should present no problems.

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It’s irrational, I know, but the use of K in place of C in Linn names really irritates me. They mite as well go all owt fonetik and start kalling things the Yooforik, Spektakyoolar, etseterar.


Maybe the Ekstatik will be followed by an even higher level model, the Orgasmik. Could that be bettered?




That’s a kontroversial viewpoint.


That’s a fine looking thing, with a distinct air of Lego about it. It’s the grey and yellow I think. Maybe a Lego arm and TT could follow, all built from little bloks.

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More info:

Ekstatik new reference moving coil cartridge:
~ Skeletonised body to achieve ideal overall mass.
~ A micro-ridge stylus on a sapphire cantilever makes for an extraordinarily responsive cartridge, with less loss between the stylus and the generator.
~ Features aluminium-bronze inserts, to reap the sonic benefits of this alloy.
~ Bespoke honeycomb cut into the cartridge body reduces mass to preferred sweet spot of c7g.
~ Unique construction creates superb synergy with Ekos SE headshell – wicking away more unwanted resonances out through the sub-chassis.
~ Designed to outperform Linn Kandid MC cartridge.
RRP £5,500

New Radikal ‘hyper-accurate’ speed management:
~ Sustained rotation closer to 33⅓rpm than ever before, thanks to a hyper-accurate and responsive FPGA-managed motor control unit, Linn’s most precise and responsive MCU ever.
~ New housing decouples the motor from the deck more effectively.
~ Precision engineered motor produces ultra-smooth rotation.
~ All new 6-layer board facilitates shorter signal paths, smaller componentry and minimal overall noise, via dedicated ground and power planes.
~ Quieter, regulated supply rails have the added halo effect of improving sound quality from Urika/Urika II phono stages.
RRP £4250 in Akurate casework, £6500 in Klimax casework

My dealer informs me that there is an upgrade option for existing Radikal users and a trade in price for Linn cartridge users.



I’ll bet there is!

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Interesting, I didn’t think there would be any new Linn kit launches until the 50th celebrations.

Thanks @FangfossFlyer great over view

looking forward to hearing the new Radikals when @Cymbiosis has demo


I have also arranged a dem of the new Linn Radikal and Ekstatik with my dealer, giving them a name check: The Sound Organisation (York), once they get theirs.

I also eagerly await a dem of the Solstice as soon as they get theirs.

Ok yeah, and they have a pair of B&W 802D4s I would also like to dem.

Now, where is my Loto ticket!



I’m thinking the venerable David will be torn between this and the Solstice.

He loves the big B&Ws too as I recall!

I’m not near there anymore, having moved to the South East almost a decade ago, but they are a terrific dealer. I bought Hamish’s own Artikulat 350s off him and ran them for years.

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@MattCray @FangfossFlyer

Sorry Matt don’t wan’t to pour flames on your Solistice but PS said new radikals will be with him tomorrow !!! and ready to demo - I know couple of guys have ordered the upgrade kits already

I just moved to Keel so upgrade bank is empty

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Who will be the first, Linn or Naim ? :rofl:
Before, in the 70’s, Linn and Naim were partners. Now they are ferocious concurrents.

Does this mean we can keep our old or in my case 6 month old Radikal and just buy a upgrade part kit that the dealer can upgrade?

from my understanding Linn will offer for recent Radikal ungrades more funding as they want to ensure good relationships

my Radikal is from May 2020 so I’m in for £1,750 for upgrade, I would speak to your dealers with serial number asap if keen to upgrade