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All very nice sources, although if you have a spare Flatcap then I can recommend you try it on the analogue output stage of the CD5.

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All very nice, but are any really up to Isobariks? I have my doubts. If it were me, I’d let the desire for Isobariks quietly fade.

The dealer gave you the best advice available at the time … there were no preamps above 32.5 back then - there’s a bigger choice nowadays.

Would you know how I would connect the flat cap to the cd5 I thought it was only the CD5i that could accept a power supply?
Also, you obviously know more than me, but when I have been playing about with cheaper Japanese stuff, the speakers seem to make so much more difference to the sound compared to the source I’ve used, or the amps.
Especially, large cabinet and driver size compared to smaller ones.
I take it, it maybe down to the lower quality units?

The CD5i can’t be upgraded but the CD5 can. You just need to remove the link plug and connect a SNAIC 5 (band nearest CD5) between the Flatcap and the CD5.

Just want to add the following advise reference Isobariks. Had the dream system in the 80,s which included Lp12 Ittok & Karma with 42.5/hicap/250 & Isobariks. Super super system extremely communicative etc. Upgraded from Kans to Briks only after my dealer at the time demonstrated that the 110 I had was not up to the job of driving the Briks to full potential etc. Fast forward many years and I bought another pair of Briks with external cross overs to be driven by a 102/hicap/napsc/200. Seemed OK but 200 cut out due to heat several times. Had the 200 serviced by Darran last year rang me to tell me about the damage the Briks had done nearly a whole new board. Please don’t underestimate the drive that Briks need a minimum of a 250 whether CB or later.

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Thanks for the advise on the amount of drive the Isobarik’s need, I don’t think I’ll be using my 110 then.
Oh and when I checked my CD player I got mixed up with the model No’s .
Yes, you guessed it mine is a CD5i No use for the Flatcap after all I take it?

No, you can’t use a Flatcap on a CD5i. Really you should be considering not just better amplification, but also a better source too.

Sorry to keep asking questions.
So what would a better CD player be? As, if I’m honest that is my main format.
Also, if honest I am really struggling to get my head around that I will hear such a vast difference from a source item rather than better speakers.
When I upgraded from a £ 200 NAD CD player to the CD5i. I didn’t hear that much difference, it is better but!
I was hoping to get a cheap ish pair of Isobarik’s and a 250 sell my 110 and hopefully, have spent no more than £2500 and was going to stick with them until I Pop my Cloggs!
I think I have just got in my head, in about 1985 I heard some Isobarik’s and thought they were the best I had ever heard.( to be fair I think they were probably active with 3x 250’s )
Whatever I get, I am hoping to stick with it and start listening to my music rather than listen to my HiFi!
( I did say hoping)

I hope my experience was of some help I loved Isobariks and the only speaker I have heard Radio Africa by Latin Quarter that made me seek out more music to show off their strengths. Cd player was cdx which on the whole did a great job still does but within a system that is more in line with the nature of the CDX. Try to locate a good cdx you won’t be sorry.

It reminds me of @Allante93 , he was on a similar mission as you. Heard briks once could never forget.

Keep the Nak cassette deck, very desirable and should last awhile, if properly serviced.


There are other threads on CD players that may help.

FWIW, I have to agree that hearing more clearly the output from the existing CD player may not help - there is a reason so many here encourage a better source next.

How about a second hand nDAC from eBay and a CD transport from Audiolab?

Thanks for your input, I will have a look, as I am not familiar with those.
Thanks, Colin.

Hi, Has anyone had any experience with class A at Sheffield?

You really should do a search for that one :slight_smile:

Class A seem to be very very well regarded, plus they are the only independent Naim authorised repairer in the UK.

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I know what you mean, I just fancied seeing what people say about them in here before a possible purchase.
Thanks, Colin.

They get parts supplied directly from Naim service dept and their work is top notch. If they are able to service whatever items you have, I wouldn’t hesitate to use them.
Class A are a bit more flexible too. You can often arrange to drop off and collect yourself, sometimes on the same day, or they may be able to arrange shipping for you. With Naim your only option is to take the item to your authorised dealer.

Nothing negative to say about Darran - excellent service at a reasonable price. He can arrange for courier to collect gear from you or you can visit him in Sheffield and be tempted by the vinyl shop downstairs

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Aye, I really didn’t mean to come across as smart. If you search for “class a” on here I think you’ll find many positive posts about people’s experience with them. Many cases say how much faster they are than sending to Naim themselves, plus the flexibility to take items to the premises vs arranging service at Naim through your dealer.

“If they are able to service…” might be the key point though, they don’t service everything, they don’t do screen replacements for example

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