New naim AMP for custom build speaker

Just my 2 cents, I’d suggest the XS3 with ND5XS2. I have the Atom and it’s perfect for my needs in the room I have it in, to my ears.

If the OP is already looking for more power then it may not be a good idea to start with the Atom and start rather with my suggestion above?

I too have a SN3 and that, along with the NDX2 and CDS3, coupled to B&W floor standers with 2 sub’s completely satisfy my audio requirements…for now at least :sweat_smile:

Thank you! I just googled the devices as I‘m still dont get to know all of them :slight_smile:

The setup with supernait or Nait XS3 and the ND5XS2 streamer looks really appealing.

Is it also a good idea to lets say buy the ND5XS2 with a supernait 2 ? The older generation? Or are they really outdated?

Would that still be a a step up in SQ than the Atom (which is newer than an Supernait 2)
Sorry if thats a stupid question. I dont know what changed from 2 to 3… and if it is that remarkable.


Supernait 2 is an analogue integrated. It’s still and will be still good, and better vs an atom , as integrated. Nd5xs2/ Supernait 2 will be ahead of the Atom, but however not twice better. But if you add an external dac to the Nd5xs2, the game changes radically vs the Atom.

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Thank you!

And do i need a DAC with the ND5XS2 with the NaitXS3 aswell?

Just i know what cost are coming up if i go that way. Cables aswell or are powercords supplied ? Thanks

You don’t’need’ an external DAC as the ND5XS2 already has one but quite a number of users report significant increase in sound quality by connecting one via bnc.

Certainly not necessary though as the nd5xs2 sounds awesome without…just nice to know there are options to explore down the line.

The ND5XS2, like all Naim streamers, has a DAC built in. You just use the supplied lead to connect it to the amp. There is also a digital output which can be used if you wish to run it with a separate DAC as some of us do, but that isn’t necessary.

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I could get a supernait from 2017 in perfect condition with a Flatcap XS and cords for about 2000$.
Is that a good deal?

Than I can add a streamer and in the future a DAC?

Or is cheaper to get the supernait 3 instead if
Supernait 2 + DAC?

I‘m just checking the used market.


A Supernait 2 would be a great option. You don’t really need the Flatcap so you could put that money towards your source instead.
You would need to keep your phono amp as unlike the SN3 it doesn’t have one built in.

Forget the Flatcap, old pre-DR regulator

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Supernait 2 and a streamer is a good choice. Forget the flatcap as others have said.
Then you can upgrade when you want by a better external dac for instance. The Naim Ndac is still great ( around 1k second hand). Or another brand dac .
You can add later an Hicap to the Supernait 2 too.

If your budget is tight, don’t be tempted to get a Naim Integrated and pair it with a crappy source. You’d be better off with an atom to start with. Especially given your speakers load. The atom is a really great intro to Naim equipment. You get a musical, engaging and non fatiguing sound. Bass won’t be a problem for you. Just give it plenty of time to run in. The flat sound you are experiencing now will be resolved with the Naim dac and preamp in the atom. You need not worry about the 40watts of power with those speakers. If you like what you hear, plan your upgrades from there. Just my opinion. If I could start again I’d still buy the atom all over again.

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Thank you so much Mark for bringing me back :slight_smile: I almost felt lost in the “naim jungle” and the prices started to increase and my head said “no” but my wish for better music was strong …

Let’s just start small… I’m sure oneday i will invest in a separate system (more boxes). But the fact that I currently live in an appartement and my room is only about 20m2 big, I think the Atom will be enough…

You convinced me to just try out the Atom… I ordered one (used but 3months old) :slight_smile:
Will receive it tomorrow or on Thursday.

Many thanks for everyone and especially for all your suggestions
(…for future upgrades). Can’t wait to hear the Faital with the Atom!

Looking forward to what this “Naim Journey” has to offer :stuck_out_tongue:

I will report back to you guys!

Have a great one and thanks again! Big help!


Also remember that your brand new drivers will need at least 200 hours to loosen up before they sound their best.

If you find the sound a little much in the top end, change the resistor. Attenuating that tweeter will take the speaker from harsh to laid back and mellow. Find what suits you. The tweeter will smooth out after a while anyway but I always knock it back a little whilst it runs in. I prefer a laid back sound. Make that tweeter completely disappear.

Make sure you get some NAC A5 cable too. 3.5 meters or more per side. I feel that anyone buying Naim for the first time needs to get some for a reference as to how it is intended to sound.

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Thank you so much Mark.

May I ask a few questions:

  1. by „ Attenuating that tweeter“ you mean us the r1 resistor with more Ohm?

  2. thanks for the cable recommendation. I just bought new cables for the speakers… but didnt know I will buy a Naim Atom…

Do you think the cables will make a noticeable difference in sound compared to my cables?

Description from builder: „These custom built speaker cables will be made with Canare’s 4s8 Star-Quad 4-conductor cable. Each of the 4 conductors is 16 gauge wire. This means when I join 2 wires you’re getting a 13 gauge cable.“

And why do they have to be at least 3.5m?

Many thanks Mark!

Congratulations on the purchase!

Yes, when I mentioned attenuation of the tweeter I was referring to increasing the resistance of R1. This must be tried to understand the difference it makes. It can even make the difference between satisfactory or unsatisfactory low volume listing. It’s one of the perks of DIY speakers building so take advantage of it. Troels usually recommends 3 options. I usually settle on the highest resistance, for my ears and listening environment. You might even find it helps your acoustic issues by reducing treble energy.

Regarding cables, have a read of this link. It is not completely applicable to the Uniti line of products as they are said to be more tolerant of different speaker cables. Although some types of cable are still a solid no, such as litz / woven cable types. When I owned my Atom and switched to Naim speaker cable the change was positive and resulted in greater system balance. Naim amps are designed to work with NACA5 cable. If you can find out the specs of your cables you can work out if they will be appropriate. Also search the forum, there are a million and one topics about cables.

Good luck my friend. Keep us posted.

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Hello Everyone!

Look what found its way to my livingroom:

The Atom is powering my speakers now :slight_smile:
And thanks @Mark84 I also followed your advice regarding cables:

I found a really good deal on a pair of 4m NACA5 cables!

I can tell you it made a big difference compared to my vincent AMP! The sound is much more appealing now. More emotional.
I really love it! And all the convenient streaming options! Great!

But one thing is noticibly worse. The Bass is almost not there… I just put the subwoofer back in to the system… with that it works.

It was listening to songs and didn’t notice I cranked the volume up quite a bit… I guess even my neighbors from the first floor heared the muisc…

One thing I have to change is the Resistor from the tweeter… the tweeter is very very harsh and more pronounced then the mids… is way to high… will change that in a week or two… (no time now).

And one last thing i noticed. The sound dramatically improves again, if I put the balance (in the audio settings) to 10 on one speaker.

It way cleaner and even more „realistically“ and sound better than Balance setting on 0… but offcourrse its just on one speaker…
Do you know why this is?

Many thanks for all your help!
I think i found my brand for Hifi gear.

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Sounds to me like you have your speaker connections the wrong way around. You need to check the positive and negative connections on back of speaker and amp.

Thanks for your help. But I think i didnt mix it up.

What does it sound like with the balance at 10 on the left channel?
Whatever I suspect you have something wrong with your speaker(s) connections, if its not incorrect polarity with the cables, its something inside the speaker(s)

Firstly, I think you need to check your crossover very very carefully and make sure you haven’t made a mistake. A channel imbalance tells me you may have something wired wrong. It’s easy to do.

Congratulations on the purchase of the Atom.

Your speakers still need to break in but by the sounds of it, you definitely need to change the tweeter resistor. They should not sound harsh.

Double check your driver wiring too, sometimes the crossover requires a driver wired in reverse polarity. Troels wrote a piece about this. It is a common error to miss this.