New Naim Audio Website

Personally I prefer reading white on black, maybe because I grew up in the days of books! But I adjust screen brightness/contrast for comfort. Ideally there should be a choice of switching from dark mode to light mode, suiting everyone, in all lighting conditions.

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If the culture is the same now as it was 5 years ago (has it been that long already!) then “Naim” might not have had much involvement or final say. Eg it was Focal who decided that Naim should drop efacs and move erp system to a new one that they chose. In the end it didn’t happen, but Naim had no say in the matter.
The IT department at Naim (which was 5 people) had no involvement in the Naim website or forum.


@Richard.Dane: for the uniti series the user guides have disappeared. And these are the ONLY user guides available for these units! Naim and user guides, not a lucky combination…

So F & N are not equals within Vervent?

However unless there is an ulterior motive, the design coming from Focal doesn’t explain the random moving/flashing images, which Focal doesn’t have, nor language errors including mixed-in German as well as the French in places, nor absence of basic functionaluty checks.

The quick start guides are there for the Atom, Star and Nova. Scroll down to specifications and you’ll see the download link just beneath.

Re. older products, I have already asked for manuals/guides to be added.


Yes, you are correct, this is, IMHO a shame. I dare say we could go on about how in many cases larger organisations consume (M&A) smaller organisations to the ultimate detriment of the smaller organisation and yes I am aware that it (M&A) does work sometimes.
But that is not what the thread is about so I’ll stay quiet.

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Graphic design is one element of a website and I’m not convinced by the new website (although I have only looked at a few pages). It seems to fluctuate between the flashy and the mundane, while many of the images are unconvincing. But most importantly a good website has to be easy to navigate and unambiguous and I think this design falls down on both those criteria. Navigation depends on the designer and content creator working together with a very clear content structure. That doesn’t seem to be the case here - would anyone without an understanding of Naim products find their way around easily? There is also a lack of consistency. First example: The front page has the images with a headline ‘Our Story’ with a clickable link: Discover. That takes you to a new heading: Our History (Story or History?). Click on Support at the bottom of a page and you are taken to a heading that’s says Assistance - with Welcome to Naim Support underneath. The Assistance heading is white reversed out of black, but all other headings I have seen are black on the white background. And further down there is a spelling mistake ‘Ressources’. Apologies if these points have already been recorded.

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I have never used the Naim website for information on my kit, manuals and stuff,
Anyone who knows Naim which we all do, come here,
So why moan you can’t find anything on the website,
When you know it’s all here,
There should be a link saying, “ can’t find what your looking for”
Ask us lot :rofl:

They should have a helpful links section in the support section
Linn do. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Absolutely not. And that is the crux.

Well I never knew this - cool!

The ‘Our History’ page is very interesting (though not clear on how to scroll sideways to read all the info).


Richard, I referred to the user guide, not the quick guide. Since there is no user guide in printed form delivered with the Unitis the only place to find more information was the web site. And now any customer who bought a Uniti recently (like me) is left in the dark about how to use his equipment.


Thanks Richard, this is noted so the following is just for info. I’m on holiday in Vienna and, using the new website, there doesn’t appear to be single Naim dealer in the city but I’m pretty sure there will be at least one. I thought I’d pop into one if I was passing…
I’m sure this will get sorted.

Let’s keep things constructive everyone. The team are doing their best!


Didn’t know about the forum until I had explored the website and found the forum by accident.

Now I have a new website to explore and I was still getting to grips with the old one.


I think it’s a big step forward, rather enjoyed exploring. Works absolutely fine on my phone while on the train.
I’m sure there are details that can be improved, but they don’t detract from the overall experience

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Uniti range:
A typo. Under Connectors the round button correctly says roon ready, but the text underneath says Room Ready


Thanks Richard, for the feedback and assurance this is being addressed as part of a larger exercise.

Pity whoever built the new Naim website didn’t take inspiration from the Brompton website…

Last year, I retired from running a digital marketing consultancy/agency. I always made sure that every part of a new site was tested, as a staging site, before it was taken live. That does not appear to have been done here which is a bit shocking.

Overall, I find there are too many unnecessary distractions which make the site difficult to use/navigate.

Links at the bottom of this forum lead to page not found errors. It would have been easy to simply redirect them (within the site) to a new page.

It looks like the site has been built with Drupal which is rather ‘old school’. IMHO, WordPress would have been a better choice.