New service and repair costs?

Well, at least you can find price lists and someone who knows Naim gear and can service it. Since the NZ distributer changed, we have lost all that depth of knowledge and experience to get good service pretty much on call.

I had to order a new NDX2 remote with the new dealer and had to explain that it was different than the Uniti one listed on their web site. Even then, it has to be sent here from the UK via Australia….

In fact quite a few high end Naim systems have hit the second hand market here due to owners concerns over servicing…… it’s a bit of a worry, but I’m sort of locked in now.


Yep……not a good place to be….
enjoy your summer👍

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I’ve removed some docs that have been posted that are UK dealer docs only. Clare has said she will get something out for Naim customers. In the meantime I’d appreciate if forum rules are respected and links to dealers and dealer docs are not posted on this thread. As it’s Sunday I’m going to temporarily close this thread to give Clare a chance to consult and come back with something on Monday. Thanks.


As promised, i’m back with an update on the service and repair costs.

Here you’ll find both an explanation of service banding, plus costs themselves.

Please note these are UK only guideline prices. I can’t stress enough (again) at how a conversation with your local Naim dealer is the best starting place for any service/repair enquiries.

Also note that DR upgrades have a separate cost structure - i’ll post that separately shortly.


DR upgrade guideline UK pricing - price includes full service as well as upgrade.

DR options 2022


@Naim.Marketing - Good Answers…!!! Well done, Naim… :slight_smile:

Only comment - the 2nd upload (Band 1, etc) is difficult to read, due to its small size.

Yes, i’m working on that - will edit ASAP.

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So with regards to the original posting, are these ‘new’ costs or not (i.e., have they gone up)? Did read the thread briefly but not sure

Is that current prices Claire?


Good to see that sanity has prevailed. Nothing wrong with a re-think… :slightly_smiling_face:

It says 2022 in the first line of the screenshot as it’s currently being shown

Pity customers in the UK at least can’t deal direct with Naim for servicing.
I can deal directly with my dishwasher manufacturer in the UK for service, but not my car manufacturer, (although the garage don’t send my car back to the manufacturer acting only as a paid agent they actually do the servicing themselves).

Definitely a practice in the industry that some of us could consider in need of updating.

Just think how lucky you are that your NAP500 is already DR. It looks like that is now £7,150!

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It’s not worth doing in my opinion, better off getting an ex demo one…….or second hand.


Thanks Clare.

@Naim.Marketing, this service and DR upgrade information, although welcome here, could be found online, if you looked hard enough. However I do appreciate the new transparency but I accept this is a starting point for a conversation with your dealer. It is welcome however that charges above these levels would need to be clearly justified to the end customer.

One thing that is missing is the explanation of what particular boxes are covered in the DR upgrade/servicing costs, specifically with the 2-box NAPs and NACs. For example the prices I found online, it was pointed out that the 552 DR upgrade/service cost is only for the 552 power supply (NAPS?), and if you want a full service you have to add a service cost for the 552 head unit (NAC?). Would that be a further £899, or is that price to service both the 552’s head unit and power supply?

It is also not clear if the NAP 300 and NAP 500 would require the additional service cost for their respective head units for a DR upgrade and full service.

Some clarification here would be helpful as I would expect even some less experienced dealers might be confused?


Indeed, but I still need to DR and service my 552, and there is a sting in the tail there too - see above.

To the tune of nearly £4k. Ouch.