New to 72/140-What do I need to know?

It looks to be right. A 5 Pin 270 degree plug.
Somebody with better knowledge will be along shortly no doubt.

Flip it Over - does it say Naim or Naim Audio on it…?

Think newer ones do, but older ones may not…

It should be a new one.

I might end up with two. Better that than the 72/140 staring at me and not working.

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Good move. That looks like the correct blanking plug to me.

I’m on my way down this route as well, and am enjoying the thread. Countless auction disappointments and waiting games are a great reminder of one of the many values of a trusted local dealer!

I’ve been watching auctions for a while. Local dealers too.
Not sure which variant I was after 32,42,62,72…Stupidly or correctly assumed the bigger the number the better it was.
Had to be boxed, mint, serviced by either Class A or Salisbury. And cost no more than £200 for the pair.
Strangely that was not going to happen. I had to compromise on price and service. The ones I bought have not been back to Salisbury since build.
So now I have to wait…yes, a service will need to be early on. Snaics, plugs, hicaps. All a foreign lingo, but the forum is making sure I learn!


I think you may need to add a zero if you’re talking about the full 3-piece setup pre/ps/amp, plus a service on each and interconnects. That said… you could do much worse for the same investment or more.

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Haha. I’m less worried about price these days. What i should be getting delivered Tuesday should be a boxed/ excellent condition pair. But not serviced.

I’m being told that an olive hicap is quite hard to find second hand. Is this the case?

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Olive hicap seems to be less available than the cb one. (Not that I’m looking for one of those cheap old inferior things that no one in their right mind should bid on)

Has been for me, yeah. Chased a few of them, and I thought I had just gotten one… but in the post I received a Hicap 2 instead (completely different than the olive that was pictured). Am debating with myself what to do. Presumably the one I got is going to be “better” though it doesn’t match, and something doesn’t quite sit well w/the whole situation. Never happened to me before.

You already know what to do!
It’ll bug you until it matches the rest.
Everytime you look at it you’ll know it ain’t right!

I waited and just got an unserviced one and did send it in for service. I had it on my office desk for a few days, this resulted in nice chats.

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True that.

Compared to my Nait 1 which was dead silent when not playing music, my 72/140 has a clearly audible speaker hiss, even when muted, which is unfortunately making me keep switching it on and off. It is otherwise brilliant sounding.

Can you reduce it by moving the 72 and 140 further apart?

Had them side by side and just tried putting about half a meter between them, to no effect I’m afraid.

Fair enough, it 's always worth trying the simple stuff first.

Had they been serviced?

No, they haven’t as far as I know. This morning I was playing around a bit. Seems to be the 72 more than the 140, surprisingly. If I connect my DAC directly to the 140 via an RCA to 4-pin DIN cable, the hiss is almost non-existent. But if I go through the 72, I get the light hiss which is faintly audible from about a meter away.

I think that’s fairly normal. I’d just leave them on and ignore it…

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