Next upgrade advice innuos pheonix/supercap DR for 282

hi all,

after anyone’s experience recognising may be a bit limited

have opportunity to get a pre-loved supercap DR at good price which i would partner with my 282, which ultimately would be part of longer term upgrade plan (hiCap DR > supercap DR > 250 DR> 300 DR > then maybe jump to a 552 some point down the line)

was however planning on getting the innuos pheonix to partner with my Dave/zenith setup but am waiting on demo unit to arrive before able do a home trial

so question is did people really value the supercap DR as a VFM upgrade on their 282? to help me decide whether should i take advantage of the offer (unfortunately not able to demo the supercap DR unit)??

as ever appreciate peeps views



Yes, the VFM is justified in my opinion. Just upgraded my kit 2 weeks ago. I had a single hicap DR on my 282, never tried 2 HCDR. But the supercap DR was a noticeable change in delivery. I gave my results here in this older thread.
NAC282 Dual Hicaps.


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The Supercap DR is a good upgrade over the Hicap DR, it’s almost a no brainer.

However, I found a NAP300DR an even bigger upgrade, with a 282/HiCapDR and the same speakers as yours.

It felt like the S20’s had doubled in size and turns them into a completely different speaker. I was surprised how much more information was coming through and didn’t really regard the 250DR as a bottleneck but now I’m not so sure.

It might be worth auditioning both and see if you concur.

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If you plan to move up to a 252 at some point you’ll need the Supercap DR for that so you may as well get it now if the price is good.

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probably thinking similar to setup to your and skip the 252 to go to 552 pre-loved but that would be quite a way off :slight_smile: that said wouldnt say no to a 252 but would def want to demo first

As the Supercap would become redundant with a 552, it wouldn’t really be a long term upgrade.

fair comment an good point, i think realistically a 552 would be 5 years away on upgrade/saving path subject to wifey approvals…

argghh temptation has struck dealer offered me a mint pre-loved NAP300 for trade vs my NAP 250DR for a grand more than the supercap DR i was going to trade with my hicap DR

now have to pontificate which way to jump and see if can organise a home demo

in interim have asked CHORD whether can convert my sarum T 250 cable to a 300 cable…

I would try both and see which you prefer.

I was surprised how much better the 300 was over the 250. Not only did the speakers seem larger and more relaxed but there’s a lot more detail coming through. It was more worthwhile than I expected.

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You don’t need a conversion, but you’ll need a second cable as the 300 uses two. Chord will understand this, of course, so I’m sure they would be happy to sell you another one!


booking home demo for both this coming week will post how it goes :slight_smile:

yes forgot this messaged CHORD in hope they may upgrade/modify it we’ll see

that said they did modify my din-din to RCA-DIN and upgraded it to sarum for considerably cheaper than buying a new cable

well quick update, dealer couldn’t find the preloved supercap so ended up haggling over a few days and outcome being got a cracking deal on a new NAP300 / Supercap DR with trade in of my beloved 250DR and Hicap DR

just boxing up the 250 and hicap tonight (am i right that the hicap came with a 4pin Din-Din SNAKE cable? seem to have one spare not sure it came with the hicap)

also couple of noobish questions looking at connection guide for hooking up 282>SC>300 am i right that the 300 uses the same SC 4th and 5th outputs

rack order was going to go with following DAVE>282>Innuos zenith mk3>SC>300 Head>300 power (appreciate any views)

and finally can 300 owners confirm you do get the L&R 4pin DIN-XLR cables so i dont need to order any (just doesn’t say on the NAIM site anymore and made that mistake when got my Hicap and needed another SNAIC cable before could use it)

roll on tomorrow for the new toys to arrive :slight_smile:

HiCap is supplied with the SNAIC

300 is supplied with a left and right cables.

No SNAIC cables are supplied with the SC

One hell of an upgrade you have done there…

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You are in for a treat!

Regarding stacking order from top to bottom in my system I have

252 > NDS > 300 Head > SuperCap > 300 Power > 555

This helps keep the Burndies hanging and all the units with transformers together.

You can probably do similar putting the Innuos where I have a 555 (bottom) and the Dave where I have an NDS.

Yes, you get the DIN-XLRs with the 300 and the 252 comes with the Burndy and SNAIC.

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I don’t think he has ordered a 252

Sorry, yes you are correct, so he’ll need 2 SNAICs

Cheers I blame Reading trickiedickies post thought it would supercharge my nac282 and kudos s20s :smile:

Haven’t told wife the good news yet :grimacing:


Good luck with the wife or hiding the additional boxes !!

The 300 is awesome I use one on my 282 and love it especially late evening low volume listening, amazing grip and bottom end.

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these will be x2 of the 5pin 240 deg DIN - DIN snaics if i recall ?