Not "liking" legendary bands or artists

You really hate Pink Floyd? Why? Just curious.

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I am surprised by some of the hate and vitriol expressed here about some groups. There are many groups whose music I dislike, and even might avoid hearing - but hate? The nearest I can get to that is Stockhausen and some (mainly free-form, I think it’s called) jazz. Never really got into jazz - much of it is formulaic and unpleasant. Still, hate seems a little excessive.

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I dislike much of the formulaic pop music from the 90’s onwards but I can always turn it off,

I am with you on both bits.

Some people here just seem to enjoy venting about music that lots of us bang on about that doesn’t work for them.

Mind you, Chapman & Chinn in the 70s and Sock, Napkin & Waterbed in the 80s were just as formulaic - we were just involved enough in the music scene to navigate past them to the music we did want.


To be fair, that’s rather what the OP invited!

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Fair enough. I should have flagged that I was trying to answer @Beachcomber’s question about why there was so much vitriol here. I think it was the enthusiasm rather than the choices that was being queried.

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Possibly the most annoying artists I’ve ever heard is unknown. On the Naim radio, there is a male vocalist who is like three thousand nails down a chalkboard to me. They sing in a half whisper falsetto and put emphasis and pauses for words in all the wrong pla…ces.

But the feed for that artist seems to only give a track number. I assume this is intentional to protect their identity and not put them in needless danger.

Next to that, my dislike of Pink Floyd is nothing.

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I’m all for venting about music I dislike, and find it amusing when others (misguidedly :wink:) slag off my favourite music.

It’s cathartic and entertaining, like a raucous pub debate with friends.

I prefer to think that the word “hate” is being used very loosely. If not, it would quickly devolve into a juvenile cesspit along the lines of the football thread.


You wonder about ‘hate’ but are happy to generalise, it seems from a position of ignorance, about a large and diverse genre?

Yes, indeed. I have no problem with the choices. Some of the artists that are disliked here are ones I quite like at least some of their output. No, it is the degree of dislike or hatred that I find odd.

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Why do you think that is from a position of ignorance? I can’t say that I hate jazz, or all jazz. Much of it I would rather not listen to. But I like some - McFerrin did some that I like (Circle Song 6, for instance, and Be Happy, and Thinking About Your Body), and some of Brubeck (mostly the ones that charted. But jazz, as you say, covers a huge range, to the extent that I question the whole construct of jazz as a genre. Was Acker Bilk Jazz? How about New Orleans jazz? Then there is free jazz - which I seriously cannot get to like.
I have a couple of EPs by Bobby Timmons (Moanin’ and This Here) which I still like.
Quite often, though, in the track of the day thread I just hear two or three notes at the beginning and I know that it is jazz, and of the type that I don’t like.

here me
the stones like specially song i can,t get no satisfation,angie o cd,s
Beatles dislike
Bob dylan dislike
Eric Clapton like have 3 cd,s
Dire straiths and Mark knopfler adore have 4 cd,s
The Doors adore i blowed my old monitor audios silvers while playing Alabama Song (Whiskey Bar) and drinking to much Talisker 10.
Pink Floyd i like own 1 cd
Bruce Springsteen i adore have 2 cd,s
Queen kinda dislike but like 2 songs only
Elton john like own 2 cd,s
Frank Zappa strange but love some lyrics and guitar solos
Deep Purple like

Very interesting - i was going to say its normal to appreciate / associate music between ages of about 12 - 25 - an emotional attachment - so for me its madness - the Cure - up to Blur - in terms of time range - but it’s also what you listened to then - for me Doors , Velvet underground and Stones.
So yep Beatles , beach boys , grateful dead passed me by!

I think that, re. the Beatles (and others, TBF) what was remarkable was difference between what had gone before and what they brought to popular music. I never rated the Beatles particularly highly in the early 1960s - Please Please Me etc. were OK, but I couldn’t see what was so much better than many other tracks of the time. But there was a huge variety - Freddie And The Dreamers, Merseybeats, Moody Blues. For me, the big change came in 1967 with Sgt Pepper etc., and 1968 with the likes of Julie Driscoll (wheels of fire) and Crazy World of Arthur Brown. Things had changed dramatically compared with what had come before. OK, maybe 1965, Rubber soul and 1966 Revolver, but while they were a step change, they weren’t as different as Sgt Pepper and stuff produced by several other groups (Moody Blues, Procul Harum and many others). And of course The Rolling Stones were producing good stuff, but not as hugely different as Sgt Pepper. They may seem less interesting to people now (possibly even boring) but at the time they were amazingly different and exciting.

Interestingly I didn’t like the Beatles when I was 12 (in the mid 60s), but Get Back in '69 changed that, and I came to love their later music (all '67 onwards, plus most from '65 and a bit before). In essence their musical progression matched my discovery of prog and rock music as “my” music, and I like a huge amount of music covering the decade from about 1967 to 1977, when I was 13-23. Mentally I am still 18, so that all resonates just as much with me now as ever,

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I have some sympathy.

Please Please Me, Hard Day’s Night and even Help! were (to my ear, when young) clearly well done. However, I didn’t and don’t have enough musical knowledge to understand how people could hear them and tell immediately that this was Different and vastly better than what had gone before, and that they were the band most likely to transform popular music - which they then did with Sgt. Pepper.

@Innocent_Bystander - absolutely.!I suspect that most of us are still 18 internally, despite the evidence of knees, ears or hair.


Some groups should stop at a certain time. As Rolling Stones or the Floyd. They repeat and repeat themselves…and lack the original energy and spontaneity. Just saying. Other may disapprove.


I ran a voting thread on mental age a couple of years ago! I’m pleased to say that for me knees and hair are not yet too much feeling my chronological age, though ears are beginning to reveal the effect of all that rock music…

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There are a bunch of Artists/bands that are legendary and named here who aren’t for me, but with my half way decent Naim system I can appreciate them more than before.

I suspect that lots of us would agree, but we may not all draw the line in the same place.

For example, I don’t really rate any Stones album after Tattoo You - before then several were patchy but after then they were pointless imho. However, I saw them perform in 2018 and they were astonishingly good and (because of the better setlist) more enjoyable than they had been in 1989. Others may disagree with just about every part of that.

I would have cut off Bowie’s output after he got his head straight and released Scary Monsters, though he was still utterly wonderful live. However, that would mean missing out on Blackstar - even if we don’t appreciate Heathen, Hours or Reality, missing Blackstar would have been unfortunate.

If we cut off The Who’s output after Who Are You, for obvious reasons, we would have missed Eminence Front, surely one of their best dozen or so songs.

There are also bands that produced a nailed-on classic record after years of making only much less inspiring efforts, and after most of us might well have suggested packing it in.

We also have artists like (say) Joni Mitchell or Miles Davis or Frank Zappa - their greatest work was released decades before their death, but saying that a later Joni Mitchell album is not as good as (say) Blue is hardly a damning criticism. From anyone else, several of her later albums would have been a triumph.

Other people will draw the lines differently, and will probably have other examples of why we shouldn’t cut things off this way.

Given all that, I can only suggest drawing your own line - when the albums are comparatively boring to you, just stop listening.

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