Nova + subwoofer

Own a Uniti Nova + ML ESL 9’s. Tempted to buy a subwoofer. Anyone used a sub through the Nova?


Yes, I added one a few months ago. I initially wanted it for Bluray movies for the low frequency effects, but it’s been great for music too. Mine is a Totem Storm that matches with my Totem Hawk speakers, which are designed to go together. I run the RCA connections, and after a bit of faffing around with the cross over and gain settings, it’s working out really well. This is all in my second system in my office / media room.

It’s been quite interesting. I thought subs just add bass, but it actually gives the whole flow of music much more solidity and presentation.

Do you have a Powerline on your Nova? I’d do that first as it improves the bass too.

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If you could find a Naim nSub I’m sure it would be great with the Nova. I believe a collectors item these days, beautifully made and great sound.

I owed one for quite a number of years with the nSats speakers and it was a great system


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@Mike_S uses that. He will respond you.
I hope you are well Sweetie

PS: the message is of course for Mike.

I do.

I did, in the second post.

I am thank you, enjoying the start of Spring. And you in crazy France?

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I use a Velodyne sub with my Nova to enhance my N-Sats and am very happy. Using a sub is more about your speakers than the amp but it’s handy that the Nova has a dedicated sub output so use it if you need it.

I run a couple of REL, just small T/5i’s purely for music and that has added some pressure in the room and lifted more than the bass but the whole experience. They integrate very well with my fronts in terms of speed and timing.

Also have an old Yamaha on side with a lot of slam for movies when the occasion calls for it.

Well too, thanks. Enjoying the last summer days.

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Thanks everyone. Helpful advice…

I run an old REL Stampede used on the high level input(ie connected to speaker terminals). If set correctly it just makes the sound much more balanced and full range, yet at the same time you barely notice it most of the time(except when you switch it off).


Hi - Could you advice how big your room is?

Am I the only one here who has to adjust the subwoofer’s gain either up or down, almost from track to track?

It’s 4.6m wide x 8.5m long x 2.7m tall. But it is L shaped and that part is 5m x 4m.

Of course not! That’s why I have another sub for movies. Also that’s why there was a time I was very interested in svs sb3000 because of the ability to adjust remotely on demand.

In fact, my creditability is going to go down substantially for what I am going to say next. I have one sub tuned slightly differently from another because one is closer to the wall while another is where room adjoins the L shape and there’s a door opening there so it’s not symmetrical.

I am not trying to maintain sound pressure within 1db everywhere in the room. My wife would appreciate that because she doesn’t like it as loud as I do.

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I hadn’t really expected the sw to be so needy, but when its on point it fills out the picture wonderfully.

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The subs fill out the room nicely and definitely lifted the overall experience. It is subtle, and subtle is all I wanted because I mostly listen to music. Speed and timing were things most important to me.

Was the bass inadequate without them? Most certainly it was sufficient. Nova has good grunt hence great grip on bass. :relieved:

Using Uniti Nova > curved SCM11 > Gotham g213 v2. Ime it’s a good idea to support a system with a sub/s regardless of the main loudspeakers used.

Anyway go for it :+1:

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Yay, I’ve found another Naim/ML owner :joy:, although I only have the Electromotions. The 9’s are stunning. Can I ask how you get on with them on the end of the Nova? A bit out of my price range but one can dream!

I have a REL T5 attached via a mono RCA and it works well for movies. I don’t think it’s necessary for music nowadays as my Nova seems to be more solid than my old Uniti MK1. However, I recently connected a pair of Ruark Templars and the T5 matched really well.

I just have a question, if anyone could oblige. Is it worth buying an RCA Y cable to merge both preamp channels to one for the subwoofer? i.e. stereo to mono. My sub only has a single RCA so my feeling is that it’s only outputting a single channel.

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Be careful not to merge the L & R signals together. For this very reason I run 2 subs connecting at speaker end so they are not visible to the naim, as suggested by @Richard.Dane when I asked a very similar question a while ago.

Afaik, with single RCA, plug it into left channel.

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That’s great, thanks @davidng.

I’ll have to double check which channel I connected now :joy:.

I definitely think the best solution would be to have 2 subs but I’m saving for a new turntable/phono stage so is the current priority.

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