Ok, is left right and right left

This has been a question I’d always wanted to ask but was too embarrassed to raise.

On the back of my 250 DR the speaker terminals are marked “channel 2 right” and “channel 1 left” however my dealer has the speaker cables crossed over, making right left and left right. This seems to be correct because when I put my headphones on the right/left match my system when seated in front of my gear.

So is the left/right thing based on facing the system or with your back to it and if so should manufacturers marked them accordingly, cause without the assistance for my dealer I more than likely would have not crossed them.

Also does everyone else have their speaker cables crossed? Maybe it’s a Northern v Southern Hemisphere like the way direction water goes down a drain.

CH1 = Left, CH2 = Right. If you have your NAP250DR power amp sited between your speakers, with it’s rear facing back, you’ll have the speaker cables crossing over.

Looking at the rear of the amp the left channel speaker terminals are on the left. And - you guessed it - the right channel is on the right.
This means the left cable goes left & right to the right - they would not (normally) cross over.

My understanding is the convention is that the left and right channels are referenced looking towards the system. Most Naim has the connections such that they cross over (something about not having the amp between the speakers, though I ignore that). But for the Uniti’s the connections are such that they wouldn’t cross over. Just wire left and right looking towards the amp.

Now I’m more confused, Richard says yes, Mike-B says no.:flushed:

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Just wire left and right looking towards the amp. So facing your amp, plug the left speaker into “channel 1 left”.

Yes, I suspected you might see that.

I think it’s because the amps were designed originally to have the rear panel facing the listener. Something to do with the way recording studios used to set them up.

So, with the amps the “correct” way round it means that, if in between the speakers, the cables will cross.

I’m sure @Richard.Dane can elaborate on the genesis of this…

I dont think so, we are both saying the same thing
But try this, a picture tells a thousand tales
Looking from the rear, left is left (Ch1) & right is right (Ch2)

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My dealer has already set it up. It’s just more of a question, if they should be crossed.

No Mike is correct and is looking at the rear of the amp, I’m looking from the front of the amp with the back facing the wall (i.e. how most will have the amp sited). The cables would cross over if the amp was sited between the speakers with the fascia facing forwards, but would not cross over if sited between the speakers and with the back end facing forwards, professional style.

However, it is a useful reminder that there are better places to site the electronics than between the speakers - best to try to keep this area clear, particularly with speakers designed for boundary placement.

It is between the speakers.

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Indeed, in which case the left speaker cable will go over the right in Mike-B’s perspective, and the cables overlap.

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I wasn’t confused until I read this thread :grinning:
Had this discussion with my dealer recently, seemingly for the new Uniti’s the traditional crossover arrangement/orientation has changed.

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Unless they are Uniti’s which are the other way round. So, left is left, right is right when facing the amp, and then whichever plug is labeled left and right in the back of the amp. If in doubt, go mono…

I have the speakers set in front of the gear. Should I move it and have nothing between?

Yes, Naim have finally done away with this odd convention on the new Unitis.

Purest would say yes. If life style determines otherwise, I wouldn’t die in a ditch over it.

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You could always get another NAP250 and bi-amp…


funny that’s what my dealer said

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