One step forward: ER +lpsu

Just my own observations. I installed the ER just between the router and the ND555. I felt some sort of slight improvement, not really justifying the extra cost I would say.
Then luckily I had bought also the 1,2 LPSU together (seemed to me a good value for money and thought I could find it a place anyway, be it in the video setup).
So I decided to try to power the ER with this LPSU, and now I felt a very meaningful improvement, with the sound more chiseled, more PRAT…has someone else had a similar experience? In any case that is where the LPSU stays.
Separately I tried to place the ER (with the lpsu) between the router and the Apple TV (linked via HDMI to the TV and then optical out into a Sonos playbase) to see if I could get an improvement at least in the Audio…but that wasn’t the case. Nothing. Anyone an idea on how to improve on this?
HAve a great day, Nestor

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You will be limited by the SPDIF / Toslink transport capabilities of your TV… and your Sonos DAC, if that is what it is.
These things are not necessarily accumulative.

Yes, a more direct path would be better. Unfortunately the Apple TV only has HDMI output…and the Sonos playbase only optical input…

I enjoyed ER and Lps 1.2 some months ago. A good uplift vs cascade Ciscos I had before.
You can still have a clear step above, adding a bigger lps . For me the biggest uplift was adding the MCRU option 3 ( pinnacle originally) . Or Sean Jacobs DC3 .
But no hurry NB.


Hi, sounds interesting if I can get another step up… The issue with the LPS 1.2 is that it runs very hot (like the ER), even if set at 12V. Which one of the 2 would have your preference and why? Honestly I was already so surprised by the step up, that I’m wondering about replacing the wifi router transformer just in case…Thanks for your input

I don’t understand your question Nestor. Which one of the two? 12v is right. It runs hot, but it’s normal, the case is the heatsink.
You can see the thread “ linear ps for switches “. My MCRU ps is warm, and the uplift vs the lps 1.2 was big. But not worry about hot ps and switch. It’s the design.

Hi sorry for not being clear. I meant which of the 2 between the MCRU or Sean Jacobs based on SQ…and cost!

Perhaps the Sean Jacobs DC3, but more expensive.
Mine costed around 900 euros, specially made for the Etheregen by MCRU. And you can test it 14 days and return it if not satisfied.
The Sean Jacobs is made by order. It takes 3,4 weeks to be made and delivered. Not sure you can return it. The advantage of it is that you can have several rails.
However I need only one rail, only one item to power. Michael and Midnightrambler have 2 Etheregen in cascade.

Hi Thanks! Having 2 ER in series…I hadn’t dared thinking of this! And are they each with a LPSU?

@Michaelb will explain you. But it’s one ps with 2 outputs.

In my case with one LPS that has 3 outputs, but you could obviously power them with two separate LPSs or the original SMPS units.

Amazing. And the 2 ER vs just one ER, that actually made a meaningful SQ difference (worth the additional 640$)? Just trying to make up my mind

You can add also a 6k Mutec clock on each ER. I am not joking. @MidnightRambler has done that ( 5/6 k Sotm clock).
3k linear ps ( Sean Jacobs DC4), 2 X ER, Sotm clock: 11 k network. And I didn’t counted Chord Music Ethernet cables some here use ( 3X 1m = 15k).

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FR, you had also tried the Farad 3 on the EtherRegen? Do you like the MCRU better than the Farad 3?

Yes, clearly preferred the MCRU. Farad gave some brightness sometimes.

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Yes everyone has to drop a line at some level…but good to know the direction! Fatal attraction, hard to resist. Actually just ordered mcru option 3, hope it delivers.


Post how you find it please as is on my list for my etherregen too :smile:

They deliver very quickly. You will not be disappointed. I can’t imagine.

I’ve just ordered a DC3 for mine.

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Also just today installed a Powerblack cable to replace the Powerline Lite on my power amp.

Sounds lovely!

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