One thing about the Forum that really needs fixing


I tried Discourse, yes it works & no complaints.
But I’ve chosen to stay with Chrome, its on my laptop, iPad & phone & my Google account carries the Chrome book marked items between devices. If I go to any other 'pooter anywhere & they have Chrome, I just sign in to my account & its all their, no searching required, its all on the top banner, my Naim, my e-mail my news etc., so is very convenient.


Mike, I meant Safari on iPhone. Either way there are differences between the mobile and desktop versions, either of which you can choose on iOS.


Old forum links are still indexed by Google and produce a 404 error when trying to access the page. Maybe these can be redirected to similar topics on the new forum or to “home” section to provide a better user experience.
Hope this helps!


Ken, if you click on the Replies # column on the RHS of the screen (when in the Thread/Topic choice screen), this is giving me a timeline of posts and then I click on the latest time and I’m there. Does this suffice?


Overall the new forum is fine, IMO an improvement of what we had before :+1:

The only little gripe i have is the relatively slow internet speed in my locality, so i need to wait a while for the picture topics: System Pictures / Nice Photos - to load up before i can see them. With the topics continuous on a long roll [ no pages ] it may get worse over time as they get longer… (?)


I found the old forum pretty bad for slow photo loading, but what was really annoying is that as each photo loaded, the page jumped down and you would lose your place. At least that doesn’t happen on this forum.
Incidentally, I find exactly the same problem with Naim’s website. It makes opening the support pages at the bottom of a web page a bit like playing Pin the tail on the donkey.


Still getting used to the navigation, though more consistent now I have the app on both phone and iPad. I wonder what it will be lime when more populated…

Meanwhile my praise for very significant improvements that stand out.

1.Ease of uploading pics - the old forum was so bad that I rarely bothered.

  1. it saves as you type - it was so infuriating on the old forum when sometimes I’d have to leave off typing briefly, only to have it lise it all

  2. Ease of quoting specific bits - working on a phone in particular it was a real pain deleting unwanted parts of a quote on the old forum (so of course many people didn’t)


Is anyone else still being restricted on how much they can “like” in a day? I am! Any ideas @Richard.Dane?


I am as well Kevin, I gather from a quick look at the Discourse FAQs that as you get more experienced you get more likes, not sure if it’s badges (which don’t do a lot for me) or other measures.


Kev, there are certain daily limits applied on certain things. Basically it’s a safeguard. As you use the forum more, those limits begin to ease.


I use ‘likes’ very much as the exception rather than the rule, so I doubt I’ll ever be affected by any limit… (So be aware, if you get a ‘like’ from me it means I think your post is exceptional!)


Personally, I much prefer the older square avatars and not the pinballs we are awarded now…

Every time I am about to post something I encounter the warning: “This topic will close 2 months after the last reply.” Perhaps we could make it more dramatic, a la Mission Impossible, and use the term ‘self destruct’? No need to see it all the time, we got the message.


One bug I have noticed with the Discourse application.

If you mute a thread it no longer appears in the thread lists when the forum is viewed in a web browser but in Discourse they still appear.


Thanks Richard. I’m going to move this thread into the Forum Feedback area, that way it will be better seen by Naim and our developer.


It would be good to please have a simple “mark all forums read” button / facility. I really valued resetting the (old) forum with this after a read through. Unless I’m glaringly missing the obvious and its already present!


You can now do this. On the front page, at the top you can see forums read and unread. You can then go to dismiss if need be.


Thanks Richard! That’s perfect, got it now. I mainly navigate through the “Latest” or “Categories” windows so missed this option completely.


When notified that I’ve got a “like” from a member that I’m not familiar with, when I select their name it doesn’t send me to their home page profile like the last forum did.


If you click on their avatar it will bring up a pop up with a condensed version of their profile. If you click further on their username it should take you to their full profile page.


On the section to review over “likes” there is no Avatar to select. Only serendipity will let me come across those if I can remember… ???