Ordering wait time

Picked up my ND5 XS 2 this morning after 18 week wait, not bad considering told 16 weeks.

18 weeks!! Bloody hell, you’re lucky - I guess component supplies must be improving. I had to wait 11 months, 3 weeks for mine!

There’s an ND5 XS2 for £2100, delivery looks like 3-4 days…

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Looks a bit ‘iffy’ to me. From France, and although listed as ‘opened, never used’, the serial number is 2018. Best left alone I think…

Good spot @Stilts - thanks.

The more general point still stands though. I bought from eBay and it seems to be A1, but I’d agree that caution is required.


I’m glad, suggests things are getting better wait time wise.

Things are definitely getting better I ordered a nd5xs2 plus sn3 combo in May and they are being installed on Wednesday.


I remember when I was looking for a NAT05 XS, there was one on eBay privately advertised as “unused, like new” for about £100 down on the final list price when they were still made. I enquired about box, accessories etc and the seller said it included the box and the power lead, but the remote and the interconnect were also available for another £100 each. He said they were not included in the original sale by Naim (but of course they were). One of the photos showed the back panel, and therefore the serial number, and I could see the unit was at that stage about 8 years old. Obviously there was no warranty.

So I told the guy what I thought and passed on that one. The listing vanished a week or two later.

Subsequently I saw another listing of a very late model, boxed and with all the accessories. The guy was selling as he had bought an NDX2 and needed a space on his Fraim. So I did “buy it now” and a few days later collected it from his house 50 miles away. All was as he said and the box had a courier label on it with his name and address and it came from my local Naim dealer who, he said, had persuaded Naim to build one specially even though production had notionally ceased some months earlier. The serial number aligned with that story. And he had asked for several hundred pounds below the old list price. It was about six months old.

So eBay can be great, but it can be terrible. You have to be very careful!


NAP500 ordered shortly before December 6th 2021 price rise. Still waiting. Anyone else waiting on a NAP500?

Even if you ordered right at the end of October I’ve already waited longer for mine.

It’s worth the wait Bryce mine have probably just run in and sound amazing you won’t regret it especially now the price has gone up you’ve saved a good sum :+1:

I ordered a NDX 2 a couple of weeks ago. I hope I get it before Christmas.

Well xmas came early for me , received my 283/250 yesterday, ordered Jan, now the warm in wait …


What did your dealer quote as lead time? I’ve talked to two dealers recently and heard 14 weeks for an NDX2.

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We did’nt talk about it. I will call him and ask.

Just ordered 2 x SL IC’s here’s hoping they will be a lot quicker than the speaker cable

You were lucky that you ordered before price increase

Nothing lucky about deliberately ordering before price increase. 8 month and counting delay does not feel lucky. But paying updated price a couple of weeks later and still waiting would feel unlucky, agreed.


What price increase ? Is everything going up ?

See Bryce-Curdy’s post;

NAP500 ordered shortly before December 6th 2021 price rise.