Ordering wait time

Anybody know the wait time for orders from naim at the moment.

Possibly depends on what you want. I know that a dealer actually pre-ordered some kit on the assumption that it would sell them by the time the order is delivered

Hi a 555ps just wondering how long it actually takes.

Ask your dealer. If they haven’t pre-ordered then it could be a few months, or they might have it in stock…

I have ordered a pair of Atc scm 40 from my dealer Steve at Doug brady cannot give me a definite delivery date. One of those things I suppose, we’ve all been use to delivery like yesterday. We have to wait unfortunately Steve was telling me a customer ordered a pair of Harbeth speakers early January and delivered end of June. Patience is a virtue :grinning:

I was told normally six weeks but that could be sooner or later with covid situation. I’m sure people ordered stuff during covid.

That’s long wait.

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Quite some info in these threads:

Not long this is my 3rd week hopefully within the 3/4 weeks.

I ordered an NDX2 in February and I get it on Wednesday. Naim have clearly had a variety of issues beyond their control as have so many other manufacturers. My dealer gave me their dem unit on a semi permanent basis until my one arrived which I thought excellent. It’s a time for patience in my view.

apparently Naim have a stock of them ready to go out the door, just waiting for a circuit board

I ordered an ND5XS2 on 19th January… dealer can’t get an answer from Naim as to when it might make an appearance.

That is precisely the role of retailers everywhere

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Judging by the most recent report from Naim (posted on one of the other threads linked above), the ND5XS2 seems have the longest wait time. I guess there’s a component used that’s very hard to get and in very short supply at the moment.


Perhaps it’s time for a redesign using components that are available… roll on the ND5XS3 :grin: or for customers that have been waiting long periods of time a free upgrade to one of the other streamers with a lifetime warranty on the screen.

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Most manufacturing sectors have been hit badly, particularly some car spare parts. I have been quoted eight to twelve weeks for a new Linn cartridge, so Naim are not alone.

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I put this on a similar thread , earlier today

Suspect if you can get an ex-demo that is the way to go


Long delays are common to many industry segments and many companies throughout the world.
I have a pair of Aria 926 in order since May 20th.
Delivery was supposed to take place One week later because of an incoming order already placed some time before by the importer. Than that week, by chance Italy won the Eurovision contest…since then no Focals have been delivered to Italy… :thinking::dizzy_face::zipper_mouth_face:


About chip shortage in today’s headlines: “Toyota and Honda see chip shortage lasting into 2022, while COVID infections, supply-chain disruptions and tight labor markets trim PMI growth forecasts in Europe.”

-and any other chip dependent products, depending on the chip/ demand…

And until we (reasonable people) beat down the ignorance and get the population vaccinated this will only get worse.

I saw today in the USA large % of wild deer are covid positive. That’s not good.


Always look on the bright side of life…

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