Ovator S-400 - the hankering is so, so strong!

I’m just craving that little bit more mid-bass, otherwise what i already have is spot on. The spread of sound from n-Sats is just out of this world!

I’ve also been lusting after a pair of S400’s for a while now. Last Sunday I stumbled across a pair in white listed on a famous auction site. The lister was open to offers, so I put in a cheeky low offer which was quickly declined. A couple of messages back and forward and we agreed on a price (£750). By 8pm Monday evening I’d swapped out my Neat Ekstra’s and had the S400’s in place. The speakers are in immaculate condition, and the difference in SQ between them and the Neat’s is incredible, and I am a big fan of Neat speakers with the Ekstra’s being my third pair of Neat’s. I could not be happier with the S400’s, which have provided the biggest pound for pound upgrade in SQ that I’ve experienced so far.


Wow, £750 is amazing.


I had the same with n-SATs over my Motive SX2’s. It’s also very reassuring that the Ovator S-400s are very satisfying speakers. Naim speakers are incredible! Truly ruthlessly honest to the system from every angle.

A great purchase for you. Enjoy every moment! :+1:

I came across my dealer demo Ovators by chance and I’m very happy I went with them. No regrets. Very Naim like and they were great with my SU and even better with 272 after.

There’s a pair of 600s in Ash on a well known auction site. Pricey thought.

It’s perfectly fine to say eBay.

Flavours for all tastes maybe not :thinking: However do enjoy Peter

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Yes I’ve looked at those and have been very tempted, but I personally don’t think I have the amplification or room to give them the justice they really deserve.

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When they were launched, Naim’s suggested system for them was with a CD5XS and NAIT XS.

Room-wise, James posted a useful sketch (above) from the manual.

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Indeed. Ovators work surprisingly well with xs/sn level of amplification. That’s where the value is.

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There’s a pair of S400’s for sale in NZ, in Rosewood. I must say, they do look stunning. $4,500 though. I’ll be keeping the Totems.


Ok, ok, change of plan - i’ve just purchased a pair of Ash S-600 from a very keen offer. Oh well, no point in messing around. I hope i haven’t FKD up!:flushed:


I guess you won’t be wheeling them in and out of your listening room too often!

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I’m very much hoping they are coming with castors or skateboards :rofl::flushed:

Was that from Mullets’r’Us?

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Hardly a Mullet with a NDX 2 and XPS DR upfront. But yes i agree here, the SN3 is probably now well and truly out of it’s depth…

When I tried S-600 they needed to be 1m from the walls to stop the bass booming. I went with NBL’s in the end. You may want to look at those if you love the Naim sound or maybe… SBL’s. I would hazard a guess and say that a well set up pair of SBL’s would give you everything you love from the SAT’s with the extra bass weight you desire if you have a small room. I would say the SBL’s I had were one of the best speakers I will ever have the pleasure of listening to. I run Titan 808’s now but apart from visceral punch and scale the SBL in terms of communicating music is hard to beat. In a small room you need neither of those 2 things so maybe look out for a decent pair and re-seal them and replace the grills etc, you could be very surprised :wink:

S-600 maybe not so neighbour friendly either unless you are detached and can get them in enough open space.

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Have you seen a pair in the flesh Stephen ?

No i haven’t. I’m guessing they’re not small or light. About the size of an NBL?