Ovator S-400 - the hankering is so, so strong!

Spot on - I always liked them physically they’re a great looking speaker in my view especially in ash I would think


They weigh 61kgs each best of luck moving them about ?

I think i need to go and lay down and realise the magnitude of the trigger i’ve just pulled.:thinking::face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Incorrect 31 kg each just checked naim website

But yes pretty heavy little brutes

The S400 are 31kgs each.

Yes, heavy but perfectly formed!:sunglasses:


That was quick. Hope they work out for you.

Someone has just disappeared down a rabbit hole….

I’d not worry too much. There are more on this forum running 600s driven by a sn.

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I put in a substantial offer and it got accepted so down the rabbit hole i went :thinking:

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No doubt you will keep us posted Stephen on how it all turns out

Good luck


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NAP300DR next methinks for the S600 or bare minimum 250DR.

Let the expense begin :grin:

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Don’t wind him up HiFiman ha🤪

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I’ve heard they like a 500 up them……

You need to take Mrs Tate out for a nice meal and explain everything, is what you need to do.


Yebbut which loudspeaker does not like a 500?

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Cookies in East London?

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They do indeed Mike

I had the s400’s on the end of a full CD500 based system for a few years, when the 500 amp came along as the last piece it all sounded rather fine to me I must say

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He skipped the 400 and went straight to the 600! He might needs some big mono blocks….