Ovator S-400 - the hankering is so, so strong!

And the best speakers in the world are or were update to follow .

Goodness I missed that

s600’s - he must be changing houses to fit those in

They are pretty big monsters

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Naim’s recommended system for S-600s had a NAC202/NAP200 when they were released. You are there or thereabouts.

I think that was the minimum recommendation, Chris. And of course, a CD555 source… :wink:

Naim’s recommended systems in the time of Ovators really needed to be taken with a few pinches of salt, if not the whole packet. Recommending a Nait XS for the 400 and 202/200 for the 600 really was a bit silly. There is no way in the world that an NDX2/XPSDR and SN3 is a good match for the Ovator 600. Then there is the fact that they are massive, and their boxes are massive and need to be stored. Results have been hugely variable and some found that the 400 was far more successful in the room. I’ve no doubt that great results can be achieved if you throw the kitchen sink at them in terms of electronics, but in this case I’d say that impetuousness has led to all rationality being well and truly abandoned.


Fair enough. I have no particular matching worries for Stephen, though possibly for his back!

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Yes agree HH sometimes the naim recommendations are very weird and can lead potential customers up the garden path or make odd decisions

Just bear in mind Stephen

The ovator s600’s are 4 times higher than the nSats, twice as wide as nSATs and twice the depth of the nSATs

Are you sure your room will handle their bulk ?

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Stephen, a suggestion.

Ovator boxes are massive. If you live in London, the price per year is quite high given that they take a lot of space. What you can do though, is store the other Naim boxes in it. I have e.g. my SBL boxes stored within the Ovator boxes.

Enjoy how easy the Ovators go down to under 25hz.

I bought a Naim recommended system in 2004 before the ovators existed. This was the system 4 which consisted of CDS3+XPS2+252+SUPERCAP+300+300PS+SL2. i think at the time the 202 and 200 were suggested with the CDX2 and Allae speakers in system number 2. Sort of made sense these suggestions.
I don’t know about ovators but would think they need stronger amplification. Rather than another hankering thread and the subsequent egging on from everyone to climb Everest, i would recommend to see how you get on with them before changing anything.

Why not add 2x Hicap DR, Snaxo and a Nap 250DR and go active?

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Nice choice, I have both S400 and S600s.
600s should ship with the BMR securing bolts in place - remember to remove as part of final set up.
Speaker units will benefit from checking the torque settings. Loosen and then reset each.
There was a thread last year, to which I contributed.
OvatorS600 - torque settings - can’t seem to post a working link

Ovator S600s Naim staff have suggested were voiced to NAP300, so that is maybe the natural partner.
When I first acquired S600s, I had been active with 135s/SBLs. Briefly 135 passive, awaiting a BMR Snaxo, then 4 pack.
Subsequently swapped in a pair of NAP300DRs, a third NAP300DR added still more.

As @anon4489532 so often correctly asserts, it is a lot of electronics, to run a full active setup.
I run mine across four stacks of Fraim and it entailed a special order length for one i/c and three longer powerlines.
I have the space, no room for the kitchen sink on my fraims mind. The result as my visiting dealer a week ago commented, is it all gels well.

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Here you go:

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Anyone on the lookout for S400s, HH has listed the five colours earlier.
In theory there is a sixth - just as the change for Fraim, Naim changed the colour of S400 Cherry from what I term “yellow” cherry, to “red” cherry.
IIRC Naim describe two forms of “tint” - which I think can be confusing.

Thanks Richard, I was trying to post the link without the text, so it looks like it includes the title and the OP’s opening remarks.

Yes, the whole Cherry thing can be very confusing as it’s not the first time that the cherry tinting changed at Naim (it did so earlier with the previous speakers and with Fraim - going from a more orangey tint to a lighter one). To compound things, cherry tends to change quite a bit with age and light, which mercifully does seem to even out any differences over time.

I already had yellow cherry S600s when I bought unseen an ex-demo pair of cherry S400s and they turned up, one box never opened, used as a static display, but were the red variant.
IMHO, the latter is way too flat and uninspiring - they sound good mind; rosewood is very much nicer.
Richard, there is a photo which originated from Naim of the different colours for the fraim, if you don’t have a copy I can send you one.

Thanks S-H.

Ok guys I’ve taken onboard what most here have said - I’ve managed to cancel the order for S-600s. I agree with HH, it’s a daft idea. The hankering for Ash 400’s lives on… thanks for the reality check😵‍💫