Ovator S-400 - the hankering is so, so strong!

Maybe investigate other Karl-Heinz Fink speaker designs that might fit better both domestically and with supernait as amplifier.

Maybe wait until a pair of S800’s becomes available?


Now they are big! There’s a pair in the statement test rig at the factory.

Stephen, if … after the nsats…. you’re looking for a follow on from neat sx2, then try proac d20r. Perfect for a supernait.


….is the right answer!

Just keep a lid on the upgraditis and listen to your head and not your heart, and do try to home demo if you can. It will avoid any mistakes from over-excitement.

Good luck.


There was a pair of S400s on eBay recently in Zebrano, which looked very nice, with just one small blemish. You could probably accommodate something as bold as zebrano as a statement.


I would look for a pair of S400s at a dealer, go look at them and if they appear to fit aesthetically, see if you can organise a home demo or at least buy them with a money back guarantee if they don’t work out for you.

There seems to be a few at UK dealers. It might mean a bit of travel and faff but it will be worth it to get the right solution aesthetically and sonically.

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That’s a great suggestion. I did it a few months back to check the impact of a larger pair of stand mount speakers:

Really helped visualise what they’d look like in situ.

I’m not sure where one would get enough cardboard to mock up some floorstanders though, not without buying a pair :slight_smile:

I didn’t want to rain on your parade Stephen so held off with my observation on having owned both S600 & S400 that (and this is with a Nap300) the S400 was the better loudspeaker only in as much as it didn’t have the problems of the S600 I encountered in my 5m x 6m x 3m(h) living room. Namely no bass and what was there timed poorly. The day they left the house was a blessed relief.


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They are ‘possibly’ the same size as Mrs Tate - there is no way i could’ve sneaked them in, even with her bad eye sight i think she would’ve spotted them, then all hell would of broke loose. Phew!


That’s very surprising from a Naim speaker, especially as one as mighty looking as the S-600. I mean from 2 x 200mm bass cones? Even from a 300? Wow! I’m feeling rather glad now that i have cancelled my order. Even my n-SATs have a good bass/mid-bass, not a SUB bass granted, but a reasonably balanced (liveable) presentation nevertheless.

As the saying goes, “After a time, you may find that having is not so pleasing a thing after all as wanting. It is not logical, but is often true.”



I put it down to the room S600 interaction, or lack of it. An acquaintance who also tried a pair said ‘Where the f***’s the bass gone’ after he hooked them up too. My suspicion was the suspended wooden floor they were on so I’m guessing on a solid floor they’d sound much better.


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That’s what my mum used to say when I tricked my parents into a toy store and I found the greatest Lego box ever.

In 2 different rooms with either an xs or a supernait2 I could get enough bass out of s400s
I’m guessing they needs 250;or more.
Lovely looking but a bass disappointment which surprised me really.

Wise move Stephen I was a bit worried for you

I think we touched on this topic before, if you like the nSats so much (as I do) don’t discount the nSub in piano black to match your nSats

It’s the perfect match and can be discreetly hidden

I’m not a real fan of subs but the nSub is the exception, marvellous piece of equipment



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I cant keep up with this thread!


I imagine a ‘not’ is missing from the first sentence. Stephen is confused enough already.

Hi Bevo,
Just of curiosity here, how did you best connect your n-SUB along with your n-SATs?

I have no experience with SUBs.

Well Stephen I can’t remember how it was done as my Naim dealer did it all for me

Our leader @Richard.Dane might be able to put us in the picture

But it did sound excellent I must say

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You could connect either by pre-level out of the pre-amp/psu (use the Naim slugged sub lead) or by high-level from the back of the speakers. The latter requires a bit of skilful soldering or use some piggyback 4mm plugs. We used Chord Ley line to feed the sub - thin and easily managed.

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