Ovators channel down -

Tried to play some music today and I noticed that the right channel was slightly down compared to the left. Thinking the worst that it could be either the Nova or the 250, I swapped the Speaker cables, but the issue persisted.
I came home this evening and decided to test it with a different set of speakers, my old faithful pair of Royds. Played some mono tracks just for balance. There’s something wrong with one of the speakers, currently the right one. Beginning to wonder if it’s really worth having it checked and fixed or sell it as it is and buying a new set of speakers, probably something different.
Oh well.

Pls note photo not to scale. The Royds are about a fifth of the size of the S400s😎

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Morning Tony - That’s a shame. Is one of the speakers quieter compared to the other or does it sound duller ? There have been a few threads on here regarding issues with the BMR.

Nice Royds BTW - Looks like a Sorcerer with that phase plug ?


Sorry to read this, Tony. All I can say is that (from experience) if you decide to keep them, then Naim will do everything they can to get them right again.

All depends on where you want to go with them. Kind of just because S400s were the right speakers for you, what, ten years ago, may not mean they are the right speakers for you now.


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Interesting, I thought Naim were long without any spare Units for Ovators

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Agreed. I had read that somewhere too.

But who is to say that one of the speakers needs new units? Could be just a couple of components out in a crossover etc

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Hi Tony sounds like the BMR. I had the same problem with one of my Ovators about 3/4 years ago I went back to the dealer I had bought them from S/H about 12months before and he sent it back to Naim for repair however not sure if Naim still service them worth checking with Naim.

Hope you can get a repair all the best Graham.

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@james_n , @Christopher_M , @Quad33 and @PerF
Thank you all for the advice. I’ll have a good look at the BMR and also the wire terminals which always seemed a little loose but never had any issues. The sound coming out is dull, muffled, hardly any treble.
Will check it out this weekend with a little more time and patience and report back.
Thanks again.


Well, I think it’s terminal. Waiting to hear from Naim on the availability of the BMR although I am not holding my breath.

I wonder that if the units are not available anymore if these can be 3rd party repaired. Wishing the best.

It’s a bit of a pain as there does not seem to be anything visibly wrong with the speaker. The speaker is very heavy and I don’t want to carry it all the way to a dealer just to check and change the blooming BMR.

Doesn’t that sound like the tweeter is not working rather than the BMR?

David, I’m getting more and more frustrated with it and I’ve owned them for 13 years and just read similar things on the old forum, including repositioning them after a few years.
Oh, Lord, I can’t go through that again.:disappointed:

One advantage of a BMR driver is the wide frequency range it covers - in this case right up to high frequencies so need for a crossover point just where the ear is most sensitive to such things.

Unfortunately it does rather seem here like the HF BMR is not working properly.


Ah OK, sorry, I stand corrected. As you can tell, I’m not familiar with the S400.

@Tiekie did you manage to get your Ovator BMR replaced / repaired?

Yes, I did. That local repair shop did some good work. The problem according to him was a small magnet inside the BMR driver that was supposed to be glued to the inside which came loose (Don’t know the function of it). It then attracts to the big magnet which causes the outgoing driver as you see in the bottom picture of Tony. The repair only cost me 100 euro’s so that was worth the try.


Thank you, Tiekie. That’s very helpful. Since the BMR is, apparently, no longer available and repairable by Naim themselves, I suppose I could try to do it myself. If it breaks rules, please edit the post and accept my apologies @Richard.Dane .

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Thanks for responding, this is very important and good news for Ovator owners.

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Its not all that long since ovators were produced.It seems odd they are no longer supported to me and as I have a pair worrying…(!)