Perfect speakers to NDX 2 + Supernait 3?

Thanks - I am not surprised by your experience with Olympica. Good luck with your decision, WB are wonderful speakers :slight_smile: Best, GN

You didn’t responded to the right member…just to help

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I do hope you do get a chance to to audition a pair of ProAc speakers, I am curious to read your description and in comparison to the rest. :wink:

I wish you good luck, lots of fun and eventually success with your search for the speakers that will be right for you!

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I hoped so – but there are really very few dealers who have British speakers here, except for B&W. I managed to listed to the PMC’s, Fyne and Wilson-Benesch – but no Proacs, at least not in a relevant size.

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Have you listened to Dynaudio?

See above John. Yes, he heard one model.

Do Swedish dealers offer home demos? Even with smaller UK homes, the same system can sound very different at the dealer’s from your own listening room. If so, I’d urge you to use the opportunity to try them out in situ.

Whatever you decide, I hope you enjoy the result. And I still envy your fabulous room.


anyone tried kudos 606 with the SN2 and NDX2?

Great call, spent 45 mins moving my round in line with your recommendation to have the HCDR on the left of the SN3 (mine sat on a Hi Fi Racks stand approx 1.4M w, with two shelves) and 5 days down the line haven’t heard the occasional hum I used to get when the HCDR was to the right of the SN3 before (albeit with reasonable gap). Many years (ok decades) ago owned Cyrus 2 and PSX and it could suffer similar transformer hum, from memory little choice where to site it though due to very short connecting cable. On the speaker thread, no substitute for home demo, I have both Mk1 and Mk2 Guru QM10’s, in my main room, on the Naim setup (SN3, HCDR, CDX2) I prefer the Mk1 balance, MK2’s are connected to second system that is all Densen and suit that environment better. Naim system fires across rather than down the room, Densen other way round but is in a cabin, so construction of the surroundings massively different and play huge part in the sound in my experience. Recently heard the Russell K 120’s at a dealer on same Naim setup as mine, they sounded good enough to consider for a home dem down the line, but the Russell K100’s were an instant no after couple of tracks. To be fair I contacted Russell and he said the K100’s either sound amazing or dissapointing depending on the environment, whereas K120’s much more flexible/consistent. Still find it difficult to find a speaker that does what the Guru’s do so well, no matter what the price.

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Here they are, my dear Wilson Benesch P2.0. And the result is seriously amazing. It’s like my Naim boxes have been longing for these speakers all their lives. They sound warm and cold, soft and aggressive at the same time. And have a natural body and presence. Better than I ever thought!


Congrats! Nice speakers. I like a lot Wilson Benesch too.
Are they filling the room enough?

In comparison the room is more filled than ever. But as you know, there is never a limit. I could chose a more powerful amp than mine and a larger Wilson-Benesch model, and the unhappy path is never ending. However, these are great speakers.


Congratulations on finding a pair of speakers that you enjoy with your NDX 2 and SN 3! I look forward to hearing from you again once the speakers have settled in. Enjoy!!!

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What a nice view from that room!
Also congratulations for your system setup as well.

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Eek, look at those fingerprints on the top. It’s time for that special cloth.

I’m so pleased they have worked out for you.


Lovely speakers and room setup, looks very relaxing.

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Those Totem speakers must sound great (well, I love the Totem sound).


Yes, they are a delight, thank you.

@YetiStockholm. Incredible room to enjoy and especially with your system. Looks and I am sure sounds incredible!

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Will the SN3 drive the Titan 606? Would that be an enjoyable combination?