Phoenix net

Just been trying it like this since my N10 went, and been using the N1z, and i kind off like it like this, not to say it will stay like it, but it’s how it is now

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An experiment.
Two observations I made recently regarding my network set-up. A single ethernet cable type through each step in the chain sounds better than mixing tham and, the BJC cat6a sounded better on the last leg to streamer than the Chord C-Stream.

So, for relatively little outlay, I thought to combine these observations and experiment with BJC cat6a throughout.

They are very well made, that’s for sure, and they arrived in 2 days.

All part of the fun.



It’s remarkable you get them so fast. That’s about the same time it takes for me to get them and I’m in the west US.

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I think they have a UK set up, no?


That would make sense, I had assumed he’s doing everything from the states. Their products are great. Love the attention to detail.


Well, the BJC 6a ‘full-loom’ has been playing for a few days now and the PN is at its three week anniversary.

Sublime, really. I don’t feel a need to try ‘streaming’ cables.


I have been experimenting with my Sean Jacobs PowerBlack distribution block, connecting the PN (and Innuos Statement) to the block with my Naim kit, as recommended by Sean. After several weeks of evaluation, I have come to the conclusion that, when connected via the block, there are very obvious sonic changes that I enjoy (soundstage, detail, depth…) but I do not enjoy the overall presentation. I find the higher frequencies to be quite fatiguing when connected with the Naim kit and much better on a separate (household) circuit. The jury is still out on whether I prefer the Statement connected to the block or also on the regular mains.

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Decided to get a Phoenix NET on home trial.
It’s brand new and only been running 8 hours but early impression is it seems to let more music through.
Pleasantly surprised what a well-engineered network switch can do for the relatively modest system I’ve got – nice source upgrade for Naim streamer/dac it appears.
Currently cascading from router to ee8 to Phoenix Net.


I cascade the same pair. Terrific combo. Enjoy!


Try, when Phoenix-Net run in, the following. Router connected to Phoenix-Net input. Connect Nuc Rock and 222 to two of the three outputs on the Phoenix-Net. Use Roon to play and control music selection. If you have access to a good quality unit, that can act as a Roon player/bridge. Connect this to the third output of the Phoenix-Net.:blush:

Okay will do. I’ve got NUC connected to ee8 but no other player/bridge. Thanks for advice.

Please ensure, that the EE8 is not connected, unless you prefer it in the network. However, do try without it, before reverting.

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I habe the ee8 on the tv - never tried it in a row with PN. Ee8 is on lhy 25.
Has anyone compared the cascade to PN alone?

I tried PN on its own and cascaded with EtherRegen. Having used 2xEtherRegens cascaded before, I was expecting to prefer the cascaded PN and ER, but didn’t. I preferred the PN on its own.


I found the PN was better solo and both EE8 and Adot solutions I had added nothing to the sound.

The EE8 and Adot were good on the own but not needed with the PN.

I did keep the Cisco in place as its resale value was negligible and I thought it added something but really to hard to tell.



I just use the PN as the final switch before my streamer. No other kit connected to it and all the rest of the network gubbins (Roon core etc) located away from the Hi-Fi and in my office. A bit of fibre in the mix too. Best to experiment and see what works best for you. Can’t go wrong with the PN though.


I found the best sound quality obtainable for me, from Roon and the Phoenix-Net, is the following. Router (powered by IFI iPower Elite) is connected to Phoenix-Net IN. OUT 1 is connected to Naim 222. OUT 2 is connected to LAN of Innuos Zenith MkIII. OUT 3 is connected Roon Nucleus, powered by Stack Audio Volt power supply.
All three OUT ethernet cables (Audioquest Vodka) are 0.75m long. I use the Innuos Zenith in Roon Player Only mode. I currently have the Nucleus and Volt on a small table, next to Naim Fraim. I have run out of shelf’s. However, I have one on order to rectify this. :blush:

Stop it guys….I’m still trying to resist the temptation…resistance is futile!!

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Just borrow one for a couple of weeks from your dealer…….happy christmas Dusty😂


Bless ya Gazza…well it is my Birthday this coming Monday…hmmm!