Pics ‘From the Listening Position’

What about all that harrumphing about computer generated noise ruining the SQ😇.

Of course everything appears RFI shielded in die cast, machined aluminium :+1:.

I’ll get my coat.


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I’ll let it go as it has to be possible overkill for background music and hearing people on Zoom/Teams meetings! :joy:

I love the Ruarks. In terms of bang for buck there’s nothing to touch them. Interestingly with them operating in Aux mode from the DAC-V1, and positioned as they are on my 25mm plywood desk, there is no need for a subwoofer. If I was being picky, they actually are a little boomy like this.

The Ruarks are great performers for the money. Here’s my desktop setup with the aforementioned stands. They should certainly remove any excessive bass being reflected from the table top and being available from Amazon, can be returned if not. I’ve no skin in the game here, just found them to be very worthwhile.


Ely Cathedral for an evening of Bond music entitled From Connery to Craig


Nils Frahm was amazing


I recently found this picture from circa 2001…near field listening.
Who can spot the error in the setup in this picture???


Lower foam is upside down.


No idea what the error is, but its a cracking album

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Not sure it’s an error, but you haven’t guarded against the “long bicycle saddle” effect…

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my listing position hifi sounding fantastic.


I like the Yamaha amp with the VU meters, it looks understated next to the McIntosh

Bloody dogs :rofl::rofl:


Same here


Awwwwe. How could you be upset with that face?

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