Pics ‘From the Listening Position’

That looks very nice indeed.

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Thanks HH. We were supposed to move house at the end of July but our buyers pulled out at the last minute so now we have decided to stay put. I moved the system into the front lounge which is a brighter more comfortable room and it also sounds better in here so it has turned out well in the end. The speakers (B&W 805 D4 Signature) are on home trial.


Can’t see it from my window, but visit approximately every other week. I will be there twice this week, but based on recent results I’m not expecting it to be much fun :frowning:

What do you think of the 805 d4 until now?

These are the “Signature” version, I haven’t heard the standard ones. They have great clarity and are very detailed. The diamond tweeter is fabulous, highs are crisp with no harshness. There is plenty of bass for a standmount but most importantly it is tuneful and controlled. I have tried a LOT of speakers in my search both in the shop and at home. Unfortunately some that have sounded great in the dem room have been a bit overblown in the bass on certain tracks when tried at home. I’ve had front-ported speakers in the past and they just seem to work best for me. The other speaker which worked brilliantly and I loved was the YG Acoustics Cairn which have sealed cabinets.


A bit of early evening listening


Very nice. I can see the Accuphase, what else is in the rack.

Rega Planar 10 turntable with Aphelion 2 cartridge, Auralic Vega 2.1 streaming DAC, Accuphase E-380 integrated amp, Rega Aria MK3 phono stage. My Naim ownership now is reduced to a Muso Qb. My main system gives me no less enjoyment than when I had the CD555/552/500.


Great to hear - I really like the look of those Accuphase amps. What’s the balance of useage between vinyl and streaming.

Probably about 70/30 in favour of streaming at the moment, mainly because most of my vinyl is still boxed up in anticipation of our failed house move. It’s all going back on the shelves this weekend.

As I have a huge CD collection I still would like to add a CD player or transport.


Would I be right in thinking that’s somewhere in Lancashire?

Derbyshire, Castleton near Bakewell.

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nice part of the world - i cycled up winnetts pass a few yrs ago, now that’s a hill compared to norfolk!


Do you mean Castleton? It’s a nice little place, albeit overrun with grockles and best avoided in high season. I imagine it’s lovely now.


I do, every time I write Castleton my iPhone decides I must mean Castletown and adds the ‘w’. I would usually change it, but obviously missed that one. I have edited it now.
On the other point, it is beautiful when it’s not cold, wet and very windy, like it has been for the last two and a half days.
I think we’ll go home tomorrow. It’s a day early, but I’m really fed up now and I’m missing my HiFi and Cats…:frowning:

Even if you love walking, which we do, it’s not so much fun when it’s wet and windy. We only got back yesterday and I can’t really say I missed home at all. Still, it’s Wagner at the cinema tonight!

Fond, albeit damp, memories of annual Scout Camp just outside Castleton 50 years ago !

Everyone pile into the back of a truck with the tents, kit and provisions. Those were the days…

I was up there a few weeks ago to do Mam Tor and the Dambusters walk. We are now in the Lakes, enjoying the storms lol!