Pics ‘From the Listening Position’

Hi, have you found the isoacoustics on your stands make a difference? Got the same Stand 20 and debating about getting some. Thanks!

Graham LS3/5a’s and their Custom Design stands now in situ. Happy :slightly_smiling_face:


Lovely room, and set up.


Real house plants? And they are alive? Let me know your secret. :grin:

That’s a lovely room Jamie. Do you use the Muso for the TV sound?

They are indeed🙂

A bit of watering and move them forward when the sun’s shining in…


Thanks, yes that was what we got it for. Though my wife and daughter use it for radio and Spotify as for the most part they can’t be arsed with system.

Haha. My wife’s like that. Suits me though; saves her missing with the settings! :blush:

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Mrs Bruss is similar. If we were still living in the UK, a simple Roberts radio with an on/off switch would suffice. :grin:


We have one of those in the kitchen, a modern one with internet, streaming, DAB etc. It gets a lot of use!

I have an older FM one which I restored too, which sounds rather nice.

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Tannoy DMT 15’s and Sonos Amp


Collecting a new pickup at a friends house.


Pastries look good…


I made 52 cinnamon buns yesterday. …


You have a lot of cool stuff, Yorkshireman!
Would love that H7000.

….Someday… maybe

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I meant to post in system pics…

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I don’t what I did but after rebuilding my system and moving it around as it is sounding better than I have ever heard it. Vinyl and Streaming are completely perfect and I even spent the day yesterday listening which is something I rarely do. Was it making the racks more rigid, changing the mains plug order to 135,135,52PS, SC, XPS, plugging the Lingo into a separate socket, rebalancing and setting the tracking force, making sure the TT was absolutely level, moving the power amps further away from the left speaker :man_shrugging:? Whatever it was, I like it.

Edit: also, both 135s are now on the bottom of the right hand rack below NDS/XPS, Supercap is below 52ps on left hand rack. And… all,the cables are nicely dressed, no touching and the only ones on the floor are speaker cables and mains.


Just tightening up the leads can make a considerable difference, and you seem to have switched and tightened everything.

It is amazing how much the physical connections and support can uplift performance

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hi 30hertz I had the isoacoustics before the new speakers so I’ve only used them with them because of the flooring and they sound great