Pizza Ovens

own a Ooni Karu since almoust 2 years a lot of fun.

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is the pizza with egg a carbonara looks yummi

It is a turkish dish similar to pizza called Pide

With cheese and “ pastirma “ and optional egg

Very nice!


I use Caputo Blue. Excellent products.

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Time is the secret to good dough. Patience. Proofing strengthens the dough, making it more elastic. I make mine Thursday and place it in the frig for a minimum or 24 hours. It’s good for 3 days. So I make the dough Thursday and have pizza Fri, Sat and Sunday.

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Coincidentally, so am I later today.

I’ve been experimenting with freezing dough to see what it’s like after thawing. Fingers crossed.

my ooni fired up

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Isn’t the very best “Pastirma” or “Pastourmas” made using camel meat ?
I had a very good friend who lived in Cyprus. The Greek/Turkish divide was also passionately indifferent about cured meats amongst other things and I recall a mention about camels.

Hahahahahaa:) camel meat?

We dont have any camel nor any meat from camel

Orientalism at work​:rofl::rofl::rofl:

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having some pizza fun today ,i tryed a new pizza the carbonara with bacon,onion,egg parmesan ,mozzarela creme.


Is yours wood and gas? Do you ever cook several or use it for long stretches? As in, do you ever need empty ash while cooking? Where do you remove the ash? From the front or rear?

I know freezing starter works well.

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it,s wood but i get best result using a mix of a little Charcoal and wood.
most time i make 3 or 4 pizzas no need to remove ash.the ash i trow into a empty flower pot.
for removing i wait stone gets cold remove stone first and later i take ash tray out from the front.

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