Does anyone know of an outlet where I could purchase copies of some of the historic/iconic Naim posters?

You could try asking tomtom but I’m pretty sure there aren’t any official prints available. There was a short run circa Bristol hifi show 2020, I think they were all sold.

If they’re not able to purchase then just get a decent high-res image from Google and get it printed in A2 from an online company.

Have a read of this Thread:

And this one:

Thanks for that suggestion. I really wanted the chimp one, but doesn’t seem to be anywhere on google images.

From time to time they do come up on well known online market places. You could try keeping an eye on it but admittedly it can and does take a while for things to come up!

Is that a rabbit in the clouds in the picture on the right, or just my eyes playing tricks on me?

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What about calendars ? i’m looking for the ’ 86 one

Keep an eye on places such as eBay.

No hahaha, that’s half of a landscape by Lawrence Coulson!

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