RIP Tim de Paravicini

News that Tim de Paravicini died on 17th.
He leaves a legacy for both hifi and music fans, his work with such companies as Luxman, Musical Fidelity and Quad, then recording studios that produce do many of the albums that feature in “What are you listening to…”
A genuine loss.



Oh dear! Very sorry to hear this - another tragic loss to the industry. I owned a few of TdeP’s designs over the years, but in more recent years I enjoyed sharing a passion for R2Rs and particularly discussing the best sounding pre-recorded reels with him whenever we met at shows or events. RIP Tim.

p.s. I think it’s appropriate to move this thread from the Padded Cell to the Hifi Corner.


Gosh…a true hifi legend has passed on, never met him in person, though friends who have, spoke of him being a great chap to talk to.

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That is very sad news. RiP Tim.

Oh no ! What more can this year throw at us?

I’ve owned one of Tim’s EAR Yoshino 834p phono stages for many years. I sold it on 17th (yesterday)…I feel quite shocked at the coincidence with his passing.

RiP Mr de Paravicini, your were a genius.

During my research into ‘things, audio’ Tim’s name and contribution has cropped up a lot.
I guess we all have our time on this planet, but this is sad news.

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Very sorry to hear of this passing. RIP.

Oh god, very sad. Didn’t knew he was that ill. He will miss the audiophile world.
I have his 912 since 10 years. He made outstanding products.
A big loss.

I tend to think of his name as being synonymous with the valve renaissance of thirty years ago. I feel sure he was much more than that. An audio legend. RIP

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I still have a couple MF P170s, which were his design along with the P270 I used to have: I thoroughly enjoyed them, and was impressed by other things in which he had a hand. From time to time there are great designers in the Audio world, and TdP was one.

Yes, he had design input into a number of amps for MF, and also for Anthony Michaelson’s high end “Michaelson” brand of striking art deco styled valve amps, one of which I used to own for a bit.

I have (although no longer in use) studioPhono and was seriously considering the Phonobox recently.

Oh no! A hero of mine.

He is also behind the Mobile Fidelity audiophile lps reissues. @Richard.Dane can perhaps explain what he invented here.

Here an explanation:

GAIN 2™ Ultra Analog™ System for Vinyl

GAIN 2 Ultra Analog™ is a proprietary cutting system built and designed by legendary design genius Tim De Paravicini, with consultation from one of MFSL’s founding fathers – Stan Ricker, an audio engineer responsible for many of MFSL’s most heralded past releases.

Where will shows and journals be without him?

May the World of R2Rs keep him happy for even and ever!!!

A legend.

Very sad. A friend of mine had an EAR Yoshino integrated that sounded sublime. Apparently, he always gave a very personal service when problems occurred with his stuff. Never met him myself but that sounds like customer service to me. There are a few companies around today that could do with taking a leaf out of his book. RIP.

He also was involved with Sound Liaison recording equipment.

TdeP was responsible for some excellent mastering and cutting set-ups. Just a few nights ago I was listening to some of my Chesky reissues, and I noted that the Chesky reissue of The Power Of The Orchestra was “Mastered at The Exchange on a custom built all-tube cutting system designed by Tim De Paravicini”.