Rolex - which one?

Always wanted a Rolex but a young family meant it was financially off-limits. Kids are older now and the itch is back. Not looking to spend silly money and one I’ve always liked the classic look of the Datejust. Happy to buy used if condition is right.

Any buying advice, suggestions on other models to look at, what to avoid etc appreciated.

@Richard.Dane - ??

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I’m a member on a Rolex and Tudor forum and apparently it seems impossible to walk into a Rolex boutique and just buy a watch.
It seems very select people ever get a watch but many get put on allocation lists for ages.
Maybe it depends who you are but they all go on about empty showcases and one from the back.
I didn’t believe it all until I frequented the forum for a while.
I got fed up and bought a Tudor. :+1:t2:
Watch terminology AD = Authorised Dealers.
Or second hand or “Gray” dealers are a completely different world. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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If you want to buy new from an ad,there is a waiting list for many models worldwide.Ranging from a few months to sometimes even years.(Datejust,Submariner).
In many cases,the waiting lists are so long that you are not even put on the waiting list.So you end up in the gray circuit,where you can buy new and used Rolexes at much higher prices.
This is a very weird shadowy world between authorized dealers and traders.
I was lucky enough to be able to by myself a Submariner and Datejust 41mm at listprice at an ad in the past.
Had to wait 1 year for each watch.

Good luck with your search,


Think I would prefer a Tudor. ( Think I prefer the brand image/perception)


Essentially, what are the differences between Rolex and Tudor?

Some very nice Omegas… :thinking:

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Same rudimentary company but different range.
Nearly as simple as Toyota versus Lexus.
But the gap isn’t so huge except the branding.
My Tudor.
Tudor BB41 M79540


It’s worth asking yourself why you want a Rolex. They are of course fine watches but they are very recognisable and can draw attention you don’t want. If it’s the Datejust you like the look of, the Omega Aqua Terra is an alternative that’s both better technically and can be bought easily. It won’t appreciate as much but is a fine everyday watch that’s a bit more under the radar.

Tudor is linked to Rolex, which is part of their appeal, but they tend not to hold value well.

Do you want to wear the watch every day? Do you want something sporty, something dressy, or something that combines both. Look at the watch thread in the Lounge, do some online research, and go and look at some watches in dealers. Find what’s right for you, fits your style and lifestyle, and importantly something that will make you happy when you look at it. Remember too that the more you wear it, the more scratches and knocks it will pick up. If that’s not something you are ready for when you wear your £6,000 on your wrist, maybe think again.


Very nice @Skeptikal :ok_hand:

It’s not for everyday use and I wouldn’t want to wear it on a pub crawl around London for example.

More for special occasions, a nice thing to own and will hopefully keep a good value.

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Rolex uses timepieces developed and produced by themselves ‘manufacture’.Tudor uses timepieces from third parties such as ETA and Valjoux.

A lovely watch. Simply just tells the time.


Most Tudors now use in house movements.


I would say if you really want one, look at the Oyster Perpetual or Datejust 41mm. As long as you don’t want an elaborate dial colour, you should be able to get one from an AD and pay list price.
Be careful when other members say technically, x or y is better. The new movements 3230 and 3235 are fantastic and state of the art technically today. Totally designed in-house!
Good luck :grin:

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Rolex used to use third part movements too I’ve a friend that has an older Rolex with ETA movement and no it’s not a fake. :+1:t2:

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Nice timepiece there Sir :+1:

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Thank you very much. :+1:t2:

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Will definitely consider the Omega. Very nice.

Years ago I wanted a mechanical watch but couldn’t justify spending large amounts.

I did my research and opted for a Seiko. As I recall it’s manufactured from scratch by Seiko, and that really appealed.

I imported it from Japan and that added to the appeal as there were very few mechanical Seiko watches on sale in the UK at that time.

Perhaps @Richard.Dane would be so kind as to merge this into the watches thread

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And how do you know it’s not a fake?

It was bought from an AD and has all the paperwork and tags. :+1:t2:
Oh and has been serviced at Rolex twice. :roll_eyes: