Rugby World Cup

Watching the All Blacks/Springboks game I felt the ABs were ‘doomed’ in the first 15 minutues. The Springboks were outperforming them in all areas. Then the Springboks made an error and a switch flicked in the All Blacks and it was 17-3 at half time. If this game is an indicator, it shows that tactical intelligence and experience are going to count for a lot against bigger more powerful sides, and I think the All Blacks are looking better at this early stage than they were in the early stages of 2015. Ominous is the word!

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Oh no … a howler during Canada v Italy. A Canadian dropped the ball in sight of the line. Italy looking impressive in attack but their defence is on a par with their opponents.

I suppose I’d be safe in saying there’s few Walsh out. Good luck for Saturday, I’m certainly looking forward to a good game. :+1:

Italy looked strong for the first half of the first half, and it was a pity Canada didn’t make the Try.
Hope they can make a match of it in the second half.

Cracking Canuck try just now but Italy show some flair too.

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Excellent try.

Unfortunately Canada look like Italy did 10 years ago. Playing regularly against top sides is a distinct advantage to help teams see where they can improve. Italy have worked hard at upping their game and it is finally paying off.


Is the rugby WC on free to air in the UK

Yes RWC is on Freeview ITV 1 HD, and some games and Highlights on ITV 4.

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I was worried that it was like the cricket. :thinking:

How good is Japan playing.

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They deserve the lead, they’ve had complete control all of the second half so far.

Not sure if they’ll get away with win, but they’re certainly no easy beats. Good for rugby.

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Yep, it’s not that Ireland have been bad, Japan have just outplayed us. Great to see another team get to senior level. (Although I’d like to see us sneak an undeserved win.)

Nice line on the BBC site just now, Land of the Scything Run.


Not the result (so far) you’d expect!!!

Least it’s a close game, the Aussie Rules grand final was played earlier today it was a blood bath and boring, the favourite won by 86 points.

OMG what just happened. Going into the WC Ireland were rated 1.

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Well played Japan. That was a top-rank performance, gave Ireland no space, and incisive when they had space.


Japan just outplayed Ireland in the end. The Irish looked very short of ideas.

Yep. Japan closed Ireland down well, but every Irish move seemed to be barrel through the middle, didn’t take it wide, didn’t chip and run.