Screen Freeze Update?

Agreed again, but stories from dealers should just as much be taken with the appropriate salt, their understanding or the information they were provided are surely not necessarily more reliable than Clare’s or Richard’s.
(I love my dealer who is very good, but at times they also told me things that turned out to be objectively untrue, by their own mistake or because the info they had received from distributor or Naim (I don’t know) turned out to be inaccurate, or had changed after they had received it)

I get on with my 2 local dealers. One has been with Naim, shall we say since the early 70s. They are a genuine dealer who will always support the brand. They have had to field a number of quality issues this year and hence them getting down some reps from Salisbury for an " intervention ".

I just said my dealer is very good and I love them, also a big Naim fan and they set me on the one true path. Still not everything they told me was 100% accurate. E.g. once I asked them about serviceability of a particular model, they looked in the list they were given the distributor and told me that no, not possible. Then I asked Naim and they said its serviceable and the list was wrong.

One of the dealers says he doesn’t sell much Naim at the moment. Not surprising as when I went in to talk Naim streamers last year, he pushed me towards other makes!
The other dealer is what I’d describe as a traditional Naim dealer. Their stories are pretty consistent though. Anyway…we will never get the full story. Any commercial business will present the upbeat picture and manage the other bits behind closed doors. We are fortunate to get the insights from Naim that we do through this forum.

Not disagreeing. Obviously it’s a complex technical problem, inquiries are being made on different levels, information is being passed on within Naim and to dealers/support/customers/forumites and is on different levels of technical detail which all by itself may make it not always 100% consistent.
All I was saying is that if it’s true that we have to take what Naim staff says with a grain of salt because everything is complex, then the same applies to what dealers say. And if Naim staff explicitly says that a particular dealer statement is incorrect, I think it’s unwise to automatically assume that the dealer info is the better one. I don’t think that any of this is a controversial statement at all

Edit: Info changing over time is also a factor in these things. What was said two months ago in good faith based on the available info may differ from current info simply because the understanding of a technical detail changed. So they may contradict without anyone having said anything inaccurate.

I think Naim have done damm well keeping a manufacturing facility going during lockdown 1. Especially when you have high standards and are reliant on your suppliers keeping up with them. And it becomes a business risk to work your way through that. You can be as demanding as you like, but if your small supplier base cant supply you are stuffed. Its a fragile, carefully managed path at best. During Lk1, it has compromised the very best out there.
One reason why second hand quality gear is fetching record prices. It is not a good time to be buying.

Absolutely, regarding the keeping going. And my new 300 ordered in June as well as the 252 and SC ordered in September all were delivered very quickly. In the case of the latter so fast that I had trouble liquefying the funds fast enough to keep up :slight_smile:

I’ve not seen the record prices second hand though, all my used purchases this year (NDX2 and 555DR built 2019, CDS3+XPS2) were very reasonably priced and I have seen a bunch of 552s remaining unsold for quite some time despite prices that at least made me think

I know Naim struggled to meet my estimated delivery time for my ndx2 ( was meant to be 6 weeks, ended up nearer to 10). And that is where the dealer conversation came in. Struggling with specific bits for streamers. But I guess logos are likely to affect other products.

Strange as I ordered my NDX2 a few weeks back and it’s here having been plumbed in by my dealer with new speakers only yesterday. No issues with screen etc. So perhaps I’m lucky!
Speakers are Spendor 9.2s and sound rather nice. My Focal Sopra 2s were never enjoyed in the cottage so my family are only happy that they’ve gone. I’m sure they find a good home.

I think I was unlucky. My dealer ( yep, him again) had a few ndx2s on order. And was struggling to meet the estimated delivery times. I think the supply chain to Naim must have suffered in lk1. Sounds ( see what i did there?) that they are through those issues.
My screen displays fine, it just looses interest after 2 hours or so, and turns itself off. Its meant to be 12hrs.

Do you have set it to Turn Off During Playback? I do and it stays off when playing, but I am trying to figure out if there is any rule or logic to when it is on or off when not playing music …

It is set to stay on.
There is a timeout setting that is not configurable by the user to turn the screen off after 12 hours if playing and 20 mins if not playing.

After what? The time must be relative to some set of events but which ones? I guess that pressing a button on the device is one such events but perhaps the timer also logs events from the Naim app? Even on my Thinkpad and under Debian stable, screensaver and power management sometime conspire to fully switch off the screen!

Looks like the time starts from when you last interact with the streamer. Or the 20min time will start from when music stops playing.

Thanks, mine is off when playing but then it is sometimes on when not playing for considerable time (more than 20 minutes but less than 12 hours) and for reasons I don’t understand. Eventually it turns itself off, so it’s not a problem, just puzzling

I’ve been thinking about trading in my SuperUniti - which has had zero problems since I bought it 3 years ago - for a Nova. But I’m having second thoughts.
If I were to get a refurbished Nova what are the chances that it had problems which have been patched up, but could reappear at some point.

I’d think the chances are low. There’s only a few people on this forum complaining of issues - I’ve had a Nova since they came out and I’ve seen the screen “lock” on an image a handful of times (but not recently) and had one random reboot (on the device’s 3rd birthday). I’m sure there’s others who’ve never seen an issue. If there was a more widespread issue the hi-fi press would be aware and reporting on it by now.

This isn’t to belittle those who do have faults - I’d be getting very frustrated by now if my device(s) were showing such a large number of errors.

Rare Issue? Probably not.
I’ve got a new NDX 2, latest firmware: The freeze happens every 2 or 3 days. The only solution is a hard reset with all settings away.

Please help

Cotower, have you been in touch with Naim tech support?

There’s a fix on the way, but probably still worth checking in with support, just in case…

I would return the device to the dealer, if I was in your place. Losing all the settings is not acceptable, in my view.

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