See Roon have a 1$ offer for 3 months 😀

Will give it a go now. Nothing to loose.

Found a great post here on setting up a Raspberry Pi to work with legacy naim streamers.

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Excellent, thanks for the info, I am getting this deal!

You will need the bridge for roon to work with the NDS

tried it, and it seems ok…

But alas, the price is too high, and this motivated me to install Logitech Media Server 8 on my NAS and this is free.

Quite surprised that the mighty roon does NOT have a folder view to access music?

Also Logitech has plug ins for deezer and spotify, which roon does not?

Why would you need that ?

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thanks for the heads up. I’ve also got my 3 months for a $1. I’ve tried Roon about a year ago and was curious to see what’s new. Unfortunately UPnP is still not supported. So I need to use my Innuos Zen Mini as Roon Core and endpoint to send the audio to my SuperUniti. Not the end of the world but it requires extra steps and if one of my kids decided to switch the SU to AV or TV, Roon will keep playing in the background until I notice :laughing:
The Roon interface is nice, but I’m getting lost trying to play my music. I guess I just got use to the way Naim app or iPeng work. Well, I have 3 Months to get use to it and decide if I want to keep using it.

well after a few days of usage it seems to be a nice idea, but unfortunately with the innovation with google chromecast, and bubble UPNP, I am struggling to understand what exactly I need this for.

Also the next level innovation with alexa …?

Neither CC nor Bubble do what Roon does. They are not even in the same market.

Nobody with any sense has Alexa in their home.


Yes, I discovered that Roon keeps going even when you’ve closed everything down on MAC/Iphone. You actually have to stop the stream. Then got a nasty shock as switched source on my Mu-so…the volume went up to 100…made the dog sit up!

I quite like what it does, but I’m not sure I would use all that biog stuff in the long run.

Also I think to do it justice, I’d need to invest in RAM and an external SSD for my NAS. It all works fine (except for AAC files), but the RAM is near maximum, as is CPU at times.

Still, 3 months gives plenty of scope to use, however when I’ve done Qobuz and Tidal trials, after the initial exploring, they never really got used, just went back to my owned music.

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I think Roon is one of those products that if you don’t see the value of it straight away then it’s probably not for you. We all have different preferences for interacting with our collections and there are plenty of options available.

I’ve been using it for coming up to 2 years now. For accessing my collection of local and Qobuz music and for new music discovery, it just works for me. The other neat thing is the ability to utilise a number of playback devices we have around the house without needing to worry about the abilities of the end point to handle the sample rate / bit depth of the source file. All taken care of by Roon without any need to fiddle around.


So I’m senseless. Thanks for that.


It depends what you want to achieve. If you want Qobuz on an old streamer that doesn’t support it natively, or sound quality from Tidal that equals local streaming, these are two popular reasons for running Roon, at a price, or BubbleUPnP server, free.

You may well be happy being part of Amazon’s Big Data system. You do know Alexa devices store everything you say?

Apple and Google are the same. You have a mobile phone?

I do have a mobile but there is no voice control. Or Google Nest.

I personally do not need roon to find new music for me - so hence I don’t quite understand the need for roon

I find chromecast technology and also the free open source Logitech Media Server to be all that I need.

I actually believe Amazon’s claim that Echo devices don’t store my words until I use the wake word. But even if they do, I don’t care. So what if they know what’s on my shopping list or how long I’ve set a timer for or how I’ve been discussing the Governments latest idiocies with my wife? Clearly your position is different and that is fine too. It’s good to live in a world where views differ. But what I do object to, and strenuously at that, is your insulting claim that I have no sense.

Apologies to the OP for thread diversion.


I don’t think Guinness meant it in a derogatory way - he or she is right to be alarmed about the lack of transparency that these tech companies display.

They are gathering data on all of our conversations and transmitting this to massive AI servers which are then using the information to sell us things.

it won’t work with me personally as I am not a big shopper anymore (the side effect of a Naim and chord electronics lifestyle?)

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I’ve signed up for the 3 month offer but have already decided that I won’t be paying full price for it. Don’t get me wrong… its brilliant…seamless…slick and a joy to use… but not enough to pay £10 per month for. It did allow me to multi stream to my Naim streamer and my Bluesound Pulse Flex speaker in my kitchen…but a luxury I don’t really need.
I also did honestly sense that when listening on my headphones… the quality via Roon was less than via the Naim app.
Perhaps that’s just me.
I may well change my mind in months or years to come.