Servicing/cost for an Ndac, anyone had one done recently?

Morning folks just a quick question, as topic, anyone on the forum had an ndac serviced/repaired just curious as to the costs involved, spoke to Darren at class A and he informed me they have to go back to Naim to be serviced, thanks in advance.

Hi @silverback probably not what you want to hear although it might save you a few £’s but having spoken to Naim about a service on my Ndac they confirmed that there is very little to service inside the box and it’s probably not worth doing unless you notice a drop off in sound quality so mines still on the rack producing a wonderful sound from my CD5 XS.


Hi Hanumike, thanks for that, just curious as it may dictate which direction I follow.

I think the price list from 2022 was published by Signals, a Google finds it. They’re was a long thread about the change to fixed price servicing too that had the list in it IIRC

If the NDAC is covered by “Digital and Integrated” then it’s £549 recommended. Notwithstanding the above that it might well not require doing.

With added forum thread link

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Thanks that’s very useful.

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Remember that it’s your dealer who processes the service, handles shipping and charges you, not Naim directly, so it’s them you need to talk to. Some dealers can handle basic issues in house too.


From a previous thread on this

On price list, it is a Tier 7 device.


Not op but I’m definitely glad I read this thread as if an ndac does get traded in at my dealers due to the new stuff I assumed I’d need to find money for a service as well as the cost for ndac. Nice to know I’d only need money for the item itself.

Is this valid for NDS too maybe? It does not even contain a power supply with its capacitors so I guess so.

If your building or just buying into the older classic range it made sense for me to ask the question, as looking at the service list a repair and a service could make a s/h bargain turn into a slightly more costly purchase.
Again thanks everyone for taking the time and effort to answer and glad others have benefited from my question, happy shopping.

Yes this is also what TomTom told me last year after checking with Naim.

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