Show us your camera

A very nice family you have there! Must get mine out and get them all sorted.



Here is my Fuji family , on it’s way to the orphanage

Very good lenses ( at sensible prices) but an operating system I couldn’t get on with.

The spare slot is going to be for some packing material, I have a whole pile of election leaflets to deliver and they were superseded by another later issue, so I packed the slot with leaflets saying “ vote for …” , I could just imagine the email In would receive from Richard , when he saw the original photo , with material saying “ vote for…”


You don’t see the 24 summilux too often - nice lens!


Losing the 6D too?

:wink: Thanks - its my go to lens for street photography.


Yes and no, I will replace it with a 6 D mk 11.

That leaves me with two Canon cameras, a second generation 6 D, and a 4000 ( for lightness ) , plus I learned from my mistakes with vinyl, I got rid of the surplus lenses but I am left with my key five canon lenses , which are nearly all prime or L .

If I ever get on another safari , it will be about a balance between lightness and lens quality

I liked lots of aspects of the Fujis , but I am returning to Canon
Best wishes

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Ah, may I make a suggestion?

I still have my Fuji kit, I used my 5Diii less and less after getting the XT1 through to iii and then the with the original EOS R stopped using the Fuji, then both altogether with the coming of the R6.

The R6iii is rumoured for this year, but the 6 itself is a bloody decent camera in its own right and no doubt the market will have lots of R6’s at decent money at some point…Get one with an adapter for your EF lenses and you won’t look back!

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Well managed to pick up an Arte Di Mano case for the Leica Q2 secondhand and now I know why people rate them very highly possibly the best case I have ever owned and I have had Luigi’s, Angello Pelle and Oberwerth’s amongst others in the past. Mind you if it wasn’t secondhand I would have bought it as their prices are a bit ridiculous.

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Like the image of the Asian woman and love some of your other images. I once nearly got meat cleavered in HK taking a street pic of an old woman with some fantastic facial features as she thought I was taking away her soul. My wife had to intervene.

I am thinking of going old school, very much so and shock,:open_mouth: horror 🫨:scream_cat: getting a Canon 6d Mk 11.

I am starting to declutter and got rid of around half my Canon lenses last year, the ones I kept were “ keepers” either prime or L. The one exception being the latest incarnation of the 70-300 , which is good quality and very light.

Best wishes


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Nothing wrong with ‘old school’, I picked up a Nikon D5 last year with just 2k images taken for £1500, it was immaculate, came with spare battery and double charger, everything that would have come when the camera was new was in the box.

Apparently the guy sold all his DSLR gear and moved to Mirrorless and it was his back up camera.

The D5 works brilliantly with my old Nikon F mount glass, and should see me out. Oh and if it does pack up I can use it to hammer nails in.

Whilst my Z mount cameras are excellent mounting some f mount lenses on them makes the cameras unbalanced due to the size FTZ adapter, on the D5 they just work seamlessly.

Go for the 6D2.


On a slightly different topic, I have a couple of dozen very old slides that I wish to digitise.

Don’t want to spend a busting lot of dosh, so not interested in a “super duper auto feed’ gizmo.

I see that the infamous auction site has several Ohnar Duplicator zoom models for around £10-20. Also, that equally infamous online retailer has T2-EF adaptors for a tenner, and I would use either my 7D or my 5D4.

Anything I should be aware of with this approach? Not expecting ultra superb results - the slides themselves are not great!:blush:

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Do any camera / picture developers offer this as a service ?

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Do “photo labs” even exist in this modern era?

@Ian2001 @suzywong

Yes, they do…

Check - DS Colour Labs.

They offer a huge range of services, including scanning of negatives and slides.

Am sure there are many others.


They look interesting, thx for the info. Although I think their prices per slide (at medium/high resolutions) are a bit steep. However of even greater interest is that they can digitise our old Hi8 & VHS tapes - mostly of the daughters when they were toddlers.


I have used them for prints from digital and their service has been excellent. Not expensive and very prompt.

I have a friend who used to work in the photographic industry and he swears by DSCL though I tend to print at home.

I have been a member of 2 Photographic clubs. The people who printed at home, using large (expensive) printers, on ‘special’ paper, with ‘special’ ink used to amuse me… :slightly_smiling_face:

But equally, those who paid a fee to Adobe to (continue to ) use PhotoShop and/or LightRoom amused me too… :crazy_face:

I am about to buy a new camera, undecided yet between a Nikon D85o or a Z8. I am aware that the mirrorless is so much more advanced, especially in terms of its AF, but I much prefer the old optical viewfinder.

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