Show us your camera

Bolex H16


Close to where I went to school in New Southgate (north London) there was a building called Bolex House - presumably the UK Bolex HQ. Cause of much juvenile schoolboy tittering. :grinning:

Nice camera.


I wonder if the name of band Hard Stuff’s second album Bolex Dementia had any links to that

Wow… it’s a work of art. Beautiful!!

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Yes. I only bought it to look at.

Although sometimes I wind it up, press the button and listen to it ticking away. :blush:

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Glad I started this thread. I’ve managed to track down most of my cameras and lenses.
I’ve catalogued them and estimated their worth based on prices obtained on eBay for good condition equipment. It appears I had £3500 worth of SLR/point and shoot cameras stashed in the top/bottom of wardrobes. :crazy_face:


When I see that many cameras - reminds me of Dennis Hopper


That Canon 15-85mm lens is an absolutely stonking lens. Remarkably pin sharp for a non L lens.

I have one on my Canon 7D. My all-round lens.

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Pictured is my ARRI Alexa Mini LF with a Zeiss Supreme Prime.


It’s so nice to see some truly lovely old Olympus icons, the craftsmanship of the Contax and Leica designs and the wonderful classic Canon A1 and Nikons here.

I’ve used Pentax since 1981 but by far the best camera I own is the Pentax K1 full frame, it’s ability to render light is just so beautiful and ergonomically it is a joy to use.

In terms of my other cameras I have the Pentax K5 APSC D-SLR (on loan to my daughter), K3 (APSC), MX-1 compact which belongs to my wife and I still have my Pentax ME Super and MZ-5N film SLR’s, although I very rarely ever shoot film nowadays.

The only non-Pentax camera in the house is my Fuji XE3 compact which I use a lot for travel and hi-fi show reporting. The image quality and user interface isn’t a patch on the Pentax DSLR’s but it’s handy for travel even if I have learned to despise frequently having to try to figure out how to do something or even worse having a “what’s it doing now?” moment!! lol

I rolled into the North West Audio show to find everything I shot was suddenly coming out purple. Somehow the Fuji had been inadvertently put into a weird scene mode which necessitated about half an hour of frantic googling to reset it. In over 40 years that has never happened to me on a Pentax - they’re just so intuitive… I dream of replacing it with a Leica M and then smashing it into a thousand tiny pieces with a fire axe to get it back for all the times it has baffled the heck out of me or caused me to lose a shot…



Just seen your post. This, on the same thread as award winning geniuses with their iPhones, telling us what’s the best and all that we need. And only 4 likes. Gotta laugh.

Fantastic bit of kit.

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Yeah I’m loving the Arri too - a very serious bit of kit!!


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Love my R3!

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I went to Malta, wanting some prickly pear photos . I spent some formative years there and they - plus the stone walls are among my strong memories

Went to Malta’s sister island Gozo and to my utter delight there were masses of what I wanted . I got home to find that the photos that I thought were in brilliant, rich Velvia mode hade been taken in bleached Eterna mode


PS Going back next year … what irritates is that if I had taken my Canon 4000D (their cheapest SLR ) and a 50 mm lens , I would have the shot I wanted


Absolutely spot on Ian!!! That’s the trouble with the Fuji stuff in my view Ian - too many things getting in the way of a good photograph whereas your Canon and my Pentax are designed to support and enable the photographer not obstruct him/her. I guess you’re lucky you can at least go back and reshoot -hopefully on Canon this time!! In my case I actually missed getting the shot of the first guests arriving at the NW Audio show and had to wait until a day later to get the shots I wanted - if it had been a wedding though we’d both have been in deep trouble!!


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Shoot in Raw and Jpeg, then you’ll not have that issue.


Yes, I never rely on jpg. Some cameras produce nice jpgs that would more than do. I’ve been impressed with the colours from the M jpg but, if you don’t like the white balance, tint, shadow detail or need to rescue blown highlights then you’re really restricted in what you can do to rescue a jpg image.

Setup a few styles in software to simulate a few film types or, your preferred style and it only takes a few seconds to adjust a raw file.


Thing is I like the Fuji lenses and I like the camera and I like the images with Velvia . I fell out of love with Canon for it’s rather plastic feel

However it may have been mistake to go with Fuji rather than the Nikon FC , but they do have some nice lenses for , er, flower photography , this was taken on Velvia mode

Anyway , it gave me an excuse to go back to Malta


Mine is a Nikon D850 with 6 lenses. Love it but I no longer take it on hikes with big elevation gains as it’s a big camera and very heavy even with a lens smaller than the 200-500 pictured. An iPhone 13 Pro Max is my go to for those situations and it does a great job for that.


But your Cannon does not send your pics to the facial recognition databases :slight_smile: