Show us your guitars!

Looks impressive and a nice job. For me I would have the cabinets made to be stood vertical, rather horizontal. But hey, horizontal does the job nicely.


You’re right about the bridge and modern saddles. The guitar has been modified in many ways over the years. (It had a leather pick-guard on it at the time the BTR cover was shot.)

I’m with you on this. I would not pay for a pre-damaged guitar, but love the way a well-used guitar will carry evidence of it’s true history.

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Same here - if you want a guitar that looks like that, then do it the honest way and play the living hell out of it - bonus outcome: improved chops.


My 2008 R9 in Sunrise Teaburst.


That’s a lovely looking Les Paul. :+1:

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Very pretty geetarr Toon. Hope it sounds as good too.

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Thank you. It’s fitted with these pups too. I play it through a JCM800 and it roars like a lion.

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Here’s a sample….


Nice tone :grin:

Nice, Tea bursts are one of my favorite finishes along with dirty lemon.

I think that my ‘L5’ is finished in Kentucky Bourbon, if that is a real finish, my memory isn’t what it once was! (it’s what they had in store), Its more like a mid brown than the ever popular cherry.


Nice. But nothing without P90s :star_struck:

I’m waiting for someone to bring out a replica of J J Cale’s guitar.


Certainly not as per the original but I’m guessing most LPs are fitted with humbuckers?

Yes but not the best ones…


I agree that P90s offer a really gorgeous tone, but you can’t beat genuine PAF humbuckers for all round versatility (IMHO).



Well, since retiring 9 years ago I have been on a bit of a guitar journey. Buying various electric and acoustic guitars to really find out what I like. I have now sold my Player series Tele and Strat, my Sigma D28 and Taylor 150 12 string. The focus is on fewer guitars but high quality. So my final selection is a Martin D41, Taylor 414ce R and a Fender Ultra Tele.

The replacement to my 150 has just arrived and is coming up to room temperature before I give it a bash. It’s a Taylor 352 12 string and is super addition to my modest final collection of just four.